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British Ambassador opinion of Obama

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Viper, Oct 4, 2008.

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    Some of his comments, suggesting there is "little track record to refer back to" and that charges of elitism or being aloof "are not entirely unfair" may be seized upon by John McCain's campaign which has consistently sought to portray Mr Obama as inexperienced and out-of-touch with working class voters.

    "If Obama wins, we will need to consider with him the articulation between (a) his desire for 'unconditional' dialogue with Iran and (b)our and the [United Nations Security Council]'s requirement of prior suspension of enrichment before the nuclear negotiations proper can begin," wrote Sir Nigel.

    interesting...you would think that Nigel would be impressed by Barack's popularity and celebrity. He must have missed the DNC with the Barackopolis as well as Obama's speech in Berlin.
  3. masomenos

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    He was.

    he also approved of Obama's...

    The letter did shows a lot of Nigel's questions about Obama but the entire thing wasn't negative.

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