News: Broaddus: Minicamp Provides Competitive Dez-Mo Battle

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by speedkilz88, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Today I wanted to put the Scout’s Eye on a few plays that caught my attention from the Cowboys mini-camp practice.

    · There was a point during the two minute work where things got very competitive between Dez Bryant and Morris Claiborne which I didn’t view as a bad situation at all. It started with Bryant lined to Claiborne’s side on 4th down and needing a first down to keep the drive going. Kyle Orton did the smart thing and noticed that there was a single safety in the middle of the field and Claiborne was going to have to make the play to the outside by himself. At the snap, Claiborne jams Bryant with his right hand, then bails outside to run with him. Orton’s eyes are with Bryant the whole time. Orton tries to fit the ball over the top of Claiborne who is in the body of Bryant. Claiborne is able to knock the ball away but the referee calls pass interference.

    Later in the drive, Claiborne again is matched up with Bryant, again with single high safety. Claiborne jams Bryant who fights up the field as Orton again throws the ball to the outside. Bryant turns his body in the air to adjust to the flight of the ball, Claiborne tries to lean on Bryant to force him out but Bryant manages to get both his toes down in bounds for the catch

    The next play, Orton again sees Bryant across from Claiborne. As he takes the snap, Claiborne again gets his hands on Bryant’s body so there is a little separation there. Orton floats the ball to the near pylon as Bryant goes vertical for it with one hand as Claiborne underneath him. Bryant comes down again with the ball but Claiborne uses enough force to cause Bryant to land out of bounds, incomplete.

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    If you can D up Dez, you can D up most receivers in the league...can't wait till the season starts
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    Proscout, thanks so much for putting your account of the practice for all us enthusiasts to read. It was great to read about those two young bucks going at it in practice.

    This kind of competition: between players at the same position for playing time and between offensive and defensive players in 1-on-1 battles will sharpen everyone's skills so that we are better in the game. I think the old saying goes "practice like you play" if you want to get good.
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    Dez is a phenomenal player. I've never seen a receiver with quite his total package. His hand-eye coordination is exceptional, making his hands some of the best in the entire league. His athleticism is off the charts, giving him amazing balance and body control. He has natural strength that only a few people are born with (country strong), making him a handful for even the strongest DB's. And his competitiveness and on field energy are extremely high... the guy wants to be the best and absolutely loves football.

    I realize I am biased... but I've never seen anyone like Dez on a football field.

    If he keeps his head on straight, he is a hall of famer.
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    He couldn't... PI twice on one drive....
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    Broaddus posts here under the proscout moniker, even though it was speedkillz who posted Broaddus' article.
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    That is Broaddus username on this site.
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    .......I was going to ask you about Michael Irvin but, Mike didn't have that kind of talent. HE was a WORKER though...I mean, NO one out worked him: similar to Jerry Rice in that regard. They both WORKED their way to hall of fame careers really. Dez is more talented than both of them. But....he has to develop the work ethic. I'll stay tuned and hope that he does, that's for sure.
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    I hope Romo can trust Dez more this year in jump ball situations. They started off with shaky chemistry but finished pretty strong together last year.
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    Here's what I loved about the article. I don't care what corner you put on Dez - Revis, Sherman, Champ, Tillman etc. etc. - one on one I'll take Dez all day. In the 4 plays that Broaddus discussed, Mo is matched up man to man with no safety help. That's absolutely advantage Dez. You have one great catch (Dez does that a lot) with Mo draped all over him, another where Mo forces Dez out of bounds and a no-catch, and 2 questionable PI's - it's worth noting that Mo was able to knock the ball away on both plays so he was absolutely playing the ball.

    2 young bucks trying to be the alpha. They will be doing this for many years to come, making each other better in the process. LOVE IT!!!
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    The results aren't as important to me as the fact they are battling as hard as they are. Going at it 100% in practice against one of the best WR in the league is what's going to make Mo Claiborne better. I can't wait to watch him play this year.

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