News: Broaddus: Rookie TE Keeps Shining; Leary Eyes Starting RG Job

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    Bryan Broaddus
    Football Analyst/Scout


    Some thoughts and observations from the final the Cowboys mini-camp practice.

    The more I watch Ronald Leary play, the more I believe there is going to be a battle at that left guard spot for the position. There is no question of the ability of Leary to play with power and that is something you can tell without pads when he pass a twist stunt and knocks Kyle Wilber to the ground with a punch or he takes Jason Hatcher and stones him in his tracks on the rush. Leary looks like a completely different player than the one we saw last season. He looks more confident in what he has to accomplish assignment wise and to be quite honest if you talk to scouts around the league like I do the biggest questions about his play were the issues with the knee which appears to be giving him no problems because I have not seen him a day to rest it like with what we have seen with Nate Livings and how sharp he was mentally to pick up the offense. In my study of his work this Spring, I was seeing less and less of the adjustment problems to his assignments and carrying them out which really was his downfall during camp in 2012. The zone scheme appears to be a nice fit for a player that was a left tackle at Memphis. He is making quality reach and cut off blocks while also getting to the second level. In some of the short yardage plays, Bill Callahan has called his number on pulling plays to the right and Leary appears to have a feel for how to search his man and make contact. Not all of Leary’s work has been perfect and along with Kevin Kowalski has given some nice reps at the guard spots while Livings and Bernadeau rest injuries before training camp. If Livings continues to have problems with that knee, Ronald Leary has put some good practices together working with Travis Frederick and Tyron Smith that makes me believe that he will get even more opportunities in Oxnard to try and win this job. It’s not physical with him but the mental side that we need to pay attention to.

    Over the last several weeks, there was something that I always heard from the field when the tight ends were working with the quarterbacks and receivers and that was Jason Garrett urging Gavin Escobar to play faster. In this offense is about getting to your spot as quickly as possible or running your route to clear so that receivers might have the opportunity to operate in clean space. If you watch Escobar on tape from San Diego State, he wasn’t always the most fleet afoot but on this final day, Escobar had one of his best practices because he was playing much quicker. His routes up the field or over the middle were run with some pace to them. It was like Escobar wasn’t having to think what he was trying to do but just being what us scouts like to call a “Football Player”. Escobar was a much smoother player today and not the one that I had seen have some lumbering qualities to his game. He was mentally sharp in the blitz period where he quickly recognized that Justin Durant was coming off the corner and adjusted his route to receive the ball “Hot” from Orton. In the “Play It Out” period, he ran a beautiful route up the field releasing to the outside, then broke inside to take the ball sliding along the end line from Nick Stephens for a touchdown. Later he was able to secure another touchdown by making a contested catch with Justin Durant on his back trying to keep him out of the end zone. For Escobar the question will never be about his hands and his ability to catch in them but learning how to play the game quicker both in his routes and in his blocking. Today was a step in the right direction by all accounts.

    rest of article (Kevin Durant and Sterling Moore)
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    If Escobar continues to progress and look good I hope he gets a fair amount of playing time this year.
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    We're definitely going to have trouble getting the ball to everyone as much as people would like. Going forward it will be important to understand that certain players aren't doing poorly simply because their numbers aren't necessarily pro bowl level numbers. That being said I think this will be a much more explosive offense, so our overall numbers should be significantly improved, especially when it comes to touchdowns.

    There is going to be a lot of competition at camp at both tight end and wide receiver. As much as I would like Escobar to get significant playing time, he still needs to beat Hanna for the second tight end spot. It's a good problem to have, but it's a problem nonetheless. It appears that Williams will beat out Harris for the third receiver spot, but there are so many moving parts there that it's really premature to say how things will shape up in the end. It will be really exciting to see Danny Coale out there again. People are definitely sleeping on him and his ability to contribute.

    It's getting to the point where we have a surprisingly great deal of depth. Even at positions like safety where we aren't exactly sure of what we have, there are at least some interesting depth questions and some players that a lot of us are taking an interest in; Wilcox, Johnson, Hamilton. McCray is probably the odd man out, he is peaking, and not in a good way. It'll be interesting if Hamilton can push Allen off the roster, but that might have less to do with Hamilton and more to do with Johnson and Wilcox.
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    If McCray doesn't make it, Hamilton could hang on as a 5th safety. 5 cbs and 5 safeties.
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    Good stuff.
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    Every year it's the same thing. Rookie comes in, doesn't know crap, looks hesitant. Camp progresses. Suddenly, amazingly, rookie looks like he might know more. MIRACULOUSLY, Rookie looks less hesitant! ALL PRAISE ROOKIE!

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    It's better than rookie never gets it. (Like AOA)
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    AOA as hurt, so he had that excuse going for him as a rookie. I just find the newsworthiness of "Rookie improves with practice" to be a mildly amusing concept.
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    OT but I spent the time looking it up so I'll post a random factoid on Tyron Smith. If he had been drafted this year he would be about the same age of our draft picks.

    Williams is a full year older than Smith.

    Randle is a full year younger.

    Frederich, Escobar, Wilcox, Webb and Holloman are all between 3 to 7 weeks younger than Smith.
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    Uhmm the title says right guard but the content says left guard...:D
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    Nice post. This has been one of our main problems for quite awhile. This was perhaps one of the greatest attributes of the past successful Cowboys' teams. Players were always rising to the top as well as providing quality depth. Add in the added skill players and I'm more optimistic than in quite awhile.
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    In general this is true but I think a couple of guys will contribute this year a fair amt and a couple of others some. Escobar and Randle will get some snaps this year. Williams and another rookie will contribute some.

    There is generally a player or two from the unknowns who rises to the top and surprises. Leary isn't a rookie but he and maybe another unknown OL will contribute. An UDFA or two often come out of nowhere to at least make the roster if not contribute some.
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    I have heard this remark going on about twenty years of the internet in talking with other fans. Every time a skill position or more are drafted for the offense, the adage about having trouble getting the ball to all the needy hands waiting for it.

    I suspect with Tony's ability to see the field and match-ups, the real problem will be more along the lines of the new guys hitting their spots and earning a legitimate respect from the quarterback that they will catch the rock.

    Sorry Galian, not being argumentative, but it seems this never manifests due to the real skills of the new players in full pads and real games versus the underwear modeling they are doing.

    Just like the comments on Leary. They are nice, but show me in a real game he understands it, can get to his spot, and deliver a block or knock someone on their keister with a shove.

    Blue sky is great if you are on vacation. When it is players in shirts and Tees, it is just blue sky until they do it when it counts.
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    Linemen especially.
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    If Leary can stay healthy and start, our interior is already better than last year. If not, all we did is add one guy to a line that needed four to be replaced..I know that was unrealistic so I'd live with 50%....

    As long as we stay healthy, we don't have a problem with not enough balls to go around....Give the ball to Dez, Witten, Murray, Austin, and everyone else can touch it occasionally. That's completely fine with me.....
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    Nice positive piece.
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    Exactly. Having "too many weapons" is not a problem at all IMO.
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    If we truly have "too many weapons", the pressure will fall on Mr. Romo to "cut the chord" between he and Witten. I don't have a problem with the 8 yard catch and get tackled right away, but if someone else is running free, then Tony needs to take advantage. I predict we'll know very early who Tony trusts and who he doesn't.

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