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Brock Osweiler

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by NeonDeion21, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. NeonDeion21

    NeonDeion21 Well-Known Member

    2,436 Messages
    919 Likes Received
    After going back and watching 4 of his games this year, I am really starting to like Osweiler. He has the arm and the athletic ability to develop into a good starter in a few years.

    Fortunately we have the luxury to let him be the #3 QB for a few years and see what how is development goes. I think he would be a solid selection late in RD 2 or early RD 3.

    I want to see a few more games before I am all in on him, but so far I like what I have seen.
  2. RS12

    RS12 Well-Known Member

    21,099 Messages
    8,076 Likes Received
    Dont want him. Rather roll the dice on Coleman or Harnish.
  3. NeonDeion21

    NeonDeion21 Well-Known Member

    2,436 Messages
    919 Likes Received
    Also a big fan of Coleman. I actually think they will be drafted very closely. Coleman has a lot of correctable things in his game and breathes football. Love the kid.
  4. Dcowboy84

    Dcowboy84 Well-Known Member

    1,185 Messages
    165 Likes Received
    living in Phoenix i've gotten to watch him quite a bit.

    definitely potential there....he's tall with a good arm and decent athleticism.

    problem is being a QB he will likely be overvalued in the draft and go higher than we need to be taking a QB

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