Browns locker room flooded with sewage

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 26, 2007.

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    Sewage floods Browns' locker room

    Old pipes cause 160,000-gallon toilet tank to overflow

    Posted: Wednesday July 25, 2007 6:07PM; Updated: Wednesday July 25, 2007 6:16PM

    CLEVELAND (AP) -- The Browns plan to have their locker room rebuilt and their stadium ready for Cleveland's first preseason game after a waterfall containing thousands of gallons of water and some sewage flooded the eight-year-old structure recently.

    Old pipes in Cleveland's water system are largely to blame, city and stadium officials said Wednesday. Iron deposits flaked off the inside of the pipes and clogged toilet valves, causing a 160,000-gallon holding tank -- necessary for when thousands of fans go to the restrooms at halftime -- to overflow.

    "Picture a waterfall," said Carl Meyer, Browns vice president of security and logistics.

    That water was combined with some sewage from the plumbing system, Meyer said. The Browns have hired a lab to take air samples to make sure the areas are safe before the stadium is reopened.

    The overflow left 6 inches of water in the locker rooms and lower service level of the stadium, including food service areas.

    Browns spokesman Bill Bonsiewicz, speaking over the roar of an enormous machine removing humidity from the locker room area, reiterated that the stadium will be ready for the Browns' first preseason game Aug. 11 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Officials initially believed an 8-inch water pipe located under the team shop -- the main supply of water to the 72,000-seat stadium -- caused the problem.

    To fix the problem, Cleveland director of utilities Julius Ciaccia said the city will flush the pipes, scrape out the iron deposits and line the inside of the pipes with cement, as has been done with other pipes in the city that date to before the 1950s. The city also will give the stadium a second connection into the water system.

    Those repairs and improvements will cost the city about $120,000 and be done during a three-week span in late October when the Browns have an off week and play an away game.

    "I'm real happy we don't have to tear up any internal parts of the stadium," Ciaccia said.

    No dollar estimate was given on removing the standing water and replacing plumbing and interior fixtures. In the Browns' spacious locker room, the carpet, wood lockers and ceiling all had to be replaced. The only thing left in the barren room were televisions mounted on the walls.

    Browns chief administrative officer Lew Merletti said it was too soon to determine how much would be covered by insurance.

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    That locker room couldn't smell good, but then, they should be used to stench, seeing how they stink it up every week they play.
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    Ahh, when I "sewage floods Browns' locker room" that I thought they were talking about Brady Quinn was there signing autographs for $200. :rolleyes:
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    Irony? Their seasons already in the toilet.
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    I can imagine what it must stink like in Atlanta when Vick is there or Tennessee when Pacman is there. They truly STINK it up.
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    That's not going to be good for those staph infections.
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    I just greatful none of our players have attracted police attention. Imagine if Vick was a Cowboy QB. They'd hang us our to dry and probably start a petition to try to force JJ to sell the team hoping of course to destroy the team--except for the media who needs us to attract high ratings.
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    Wrong thread??? :confused:
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    Guess this is another reason to call them the "Browns" :)
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    I thought they were talking about the players when I read the headline?
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    yep, thought it was a scouting report myself.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Nothing like playing in a State of the Art facility. Way to go Learner.
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    OK, which one of you guys set them up?

    I know we want the first pick but this is low:)

    Was Crazy Cowboy accounted for prior to this occurence?
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    This sounds like a job for..!

    * drumroll *


    Roto-Rooter Man!

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    I know some people hated their draft, but that's harsh!
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    I accuse Rex Dart, Eskimo Spy. He has all the tools. :rolleyes:
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    Oops. Must have put a tad to much eye of newt in the voodo curse last week. My bad. :(
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