Brownsugar's Son Dre: My Day at TO's Camp

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by BrownSugar, Jun 12, 2006.

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    This is BrownSugar's son Dre to give u guys my report from TO's camp.

    When i got there was a lot of other kids around 70 other kids. We started off with a jog around the track and then stretched, we ran our 40s and 20 yd shuttle, i was unable to run these because i had no cleats. Aftert this we went to stations to further our skills in certain positions, this lasted for about 40 mins, we then went to lunch where we recieved burger king courtesy of magic johnson.

    After lunch we did positional drills, i went with the LBs where Roosevelt Collins was my coach, he gave me a lot of insight and i really learned a lot.

    Then TO got there, all the little kids were so excited and everyone kept saying is that TO, he spoke to us for a bit then we went back to our drills he moved along each group giving us advice, then Michael Irvin arrived and that's when everyone got excited, i know it's TO's camp, but Michael Irvin should be a hall of famer. Well he gave us a speech about teamwork and wearing your uniform and then we went home.

    The next day started the same with jogging and stretching, we went to stations again, then the 13 yrs and older kids went to the weight room where we lifted until lunch time, our lunch for the second day consisted of a nutritional meal courtesy a former NFL player who was very big on nutrition. After lunch we went back to positional drills until TO arrived where everyone started doing 1-on-1 drills with a WR and a CB, everyone found these drills to be very exciting especially with the advice of Michael Irvin, TO, and Ray Crockett. The day then ended with an awards ceromony.

    My overall summary of the camp is that it went very well, it gave me and others an opportunity to learn from former and current NFL players and we all really bonded with each other, i think it was a very good idea and would love to go next year, i would like to thank cowboys zone for the chance to experience this, you guys started my summer off with a bang, and i feel really blessed.
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    Dre forgot to mention that the boys that didn't have cleats, received brand new cleats (sponsored by Nike, I assume) the next day. I could not find Dre's cleats anywhere, so that was good that they provided them with their own pair the next day...although, he was pretty upset that he couldn't do the drills the previous day.

    BTW, I was hoping that this would convert him to be a Cowboys fan...but, I don't think it worked...he's still anti any team that I cheer for. He did get the opportunity to talk to Mike one-on-one.
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    Great recap, thanks! Interesting, after reading this summary and the ones posted last week, it is almost as if the kids attended two different camps!
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    Thanks, actually...Dre' went to the camp that was in Duncanville and they were at the one in North Richland Hills.
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    Oh. That would explain it, then. :D
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    Hey....Great sound pretty psyched about the whole thing. Enjoy every minute of it because you'll be talking about it when you're old like the rest of us.

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    Hopefule Dre will post more details for the conversation he had with The Playmaker. I'm curious to see what he felt about what Mike had to tell him.

    Also good to see you posting again. Especially as the season approaches I look forward to checking out some of your "inside info"

    I have not heard anything more about Terence Murphy. I remember he was having to contemplate retirement due to his injury. Is that the route he is having to proceed with?

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    thanks for the report.....glad you had a great time.
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    Don't give up he is bound to come around.

    I am glad he had a good time. I just wish the media would have focused more on the kids that attended instead of the circus that follows TO.
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    Dre: Thanks for the camp recap.
    Have a great summer.
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    Hopefully he will come around soon. My boys used to root for the 49ers just because I hated them so much. They are Cowboys fans now.
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    A couple of nights without dinner will set him straight.:)

    What team does he root for?
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    Thanks for the recap BrownSugar. Hey your son will eventually turn to Cowboys, when he grows out of his Teen phase hopefully :D
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    You and me both. All 3 of our kids had great times and said they learned a lot.
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    Speak for yourself you ol' geezer...:p:

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