News: Bruce Carter benching explained

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 4, 2013.

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    ARLINGTON, Texas -- In a surprise move, the Dallas Cowboys' Ernie Sims started in the base defense over Bruce Carter as the weakside linebacker against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

    However, after Sims struggled to make several tackles in the first half, Carter started in the base defense in the second half.

    "I'm just trying to find the best combination for our football team at that position," linebackers coach Matt Eberflus said. "I'm still working that out. You got first down, you got second down and you got third down. Both of them have different things they bring to the table in terms of helping our football team, and we're going to work that combination during the course of the game and see what the best thing is for us to win."
    It's hard to say who took the lead, or if the rotation should continue, but coach Jason Garrett explained why Carter didn't at least start.

    "He responded really well, really well," Garrett said. "He practiced this week, and you know Ernie got the start and Ernie played a lot in this ballgame, but Bruce got his chanced and he made some plays in this game. The best part about him is his demeanor and his spirit. We saw a little of Bruce Carter out there today, which is good. Flying around, making plays, having an impact on the game. He did a really good job."

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    I cant believe how poorly Sims looked yesterday. It was just the TD play that he missed. There were several plays where he just laid a egg. Sims is a quick LB and been a nice pick up since last year... Carter has amazing speed and good size. He missed a few tackles early this season and I was very shocked. There was a point last year where it looked like we might have 2 of the best LBs outside San Francisco. I know its unfair to whip Sims after one game but I just dont feel hes half the player Carter CAN be. Carter is bigger, faster and can get to the tackle first.

    I think this play is a nice example. Look how Carter is just a stop ahead of Sims.. which often can be the difference.

  3. Frozen700

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    Sims is so ***.

    Stop playing with Carter, and let the young man go out there and play
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    I agree, I find it hard to believe a single person here on CZ believes Sims has more upside the Carter.

    I find it hard to draw any conclusion other than Carter isn't practicing well and/or isn't putting forth enough effort and it making the coaching staff unhappy.
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  5. iowast8rs

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    Carter >>>> Sims. This substitution is playing with fire.
  6. TTexasTT

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    I doubt anyone will say that Sims has more of a upside.
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    Carter needs to start. The screwing around with "the rotation" needs to stop. Sims was brought in for depth. There are your job parameters Eberflus.
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    I just don't see why Sims is starting and getting more or equal amount of plays. Let Carter be starter, sure he makes some mistakes but not more than Sims based on what I've been seeing.
  9. The Natural

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    I honestly did not know position coaches decide who starts
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    Sims is a progress stopper. Stop messing around and get Carter as many reps as possible and he'll continue to get better as the season progresses. This is just a short sighted coach trying to win this season to save his job, instead of looking long term at the best thing for the teams future.
  11. Frozen700

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    So he get's benched because he had 1 maybe 2 bad games? Ok, I get it, he has not looked my an all star so far this year, but we all know how good Carter can be, and last year without Lee, showed that.

    It's bull****, a QB can have multiple bad games...but other positions are not allowed to have a few?
  12. stasheroo

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    Sims sure didn't do anything to validate making the change.

    If the coaches were trying to make a statement, they failed.
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    me neither, Just don't no what is holding Carter back from starting? What is it that the coaches are seeing, wanting or not getting? Everyone says Carter is bigger, faster and a better tackler but why is he not starting.....what are they not telling us?
  14. DCBoysfan

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    Sims in the game was the first thing I noticed when the game started, I hope that is the first and last time he starts.
  15. nake

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    I think the key might be in this quote from Jason Garrett from above: "We saw a little of Bruce Carter out there today, which is good. Flying around, making plays, having an impact on the game." Apparently, when Carter has started, Garrett doesn't feel he gets the kind of effort from him for 60 minutes he feels Carter should be capable of providing. Garrett also said, "The best thing about him is his demeanor and his spirit." That eliminates attitude as an issue. If I had to take a guess, I would say Carter is having a problem with situational awareness.
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    Honestly, this doesn't seem that mysterious to me. Carter played poorly in a few games, got benched, and is now playing better and probably worked himself back into the starting lineup. It's hilarious how the same people on this board who cry for "accountability" later whine that such is a "progress stopper."
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  17. WoodysGirl

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    Maybe they're trying to make Carter the Ginobili of the defense? *shrug*
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    i have absolutely no problem with the coaches deciding who starts and who plays at LB based on what they are seeing in games and in practice
    we all hope that carter can start only because we see that he has truly elite talent, hopefully he can put that to good use because that next to lee would be a great LB combo
  19. 65fastback2plus2

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    they keep doing this and they're gonna mess with carter's mental strength and hurt his progress.
  20. Zordon

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    other than saint marinelli, i think we have the dumbest coaches in the league.
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