Bruce Irvin arrested per PFT

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheSport78, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Last month, former West Virginia defensive end Bruce Irvin ran very fast at the Scouting Combine, with a 4.5 in the 40-yard dash. Over the weekend, he apparently didn’t run fast enough.

    Irvin was arrested late Saturday night for destruction of property, according to He allegedly broke a sign at a sandwich shop.

    A pass-rush specialist whose final season fell short of expectations with only 8.5 sacks, Irvin’s performance in Indianapolis resulted in a surge in phone calls expressing interest in him.

    More phone calls than, say, the two he was allowed to make late Saturday night.
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    Yessssss, slide down to our 3rd round pick, PLEASE!
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    Seems fishy and made up charge.
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    Definitely doesn't help considering his background. Wonder if we'd shown any interest (SDogo???). Really loves this guy's talent
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    Any player with any talent should have a sign on the door that they can read every day....

    "Don't be a ****!"
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    Oh man, I read the title and thought, 'oh nooooooo, what an idiot, now he's ruined his life by falling in with an old crowd'

    Then I read the thread and thought,

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    what kind of sick monster is he???

    who murders a sign?????

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    Any gomer should know that from the time of his last college game until the draft you need to be on your best behavior. Anyone that does not realize this is too dumb to draft

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