Bruce Irvin vs D.Ware Combine/Stats

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Aliencowboy, Apr 6, 2012.

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    You can teach pass rush moves and you can teach a player how to use their arms, body and legs to set an edge in rush defense.

    You cannot teach his explosiveness, arm length, ability to flatten and ability to feel how to get around an OT. This guy is so explosive off the snap and he will be going against RTs who will be left on an island because Ware is on the other side.

    I will be shocked if he gets out there in the nickel and doesn't put up 6 sacks as a rookie. He just has the knack.

    You can teach him the other stuff. He is a hard worker and a good kid who changed his life after falling off the tracks - got his GED and went back to college after gangbanging. That shows a lot of character and will give him a maturity that most other kids will not have.

    I don't believe there is any way he lasts until the 3rd round. I really hope he falls to our 2nd round pick and I really hope we pull the trigger. We need a player like this to help Ware and extend his career by drawing away some double teams.
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    We can disagree, D. Ware had many more weapons in his arsenal and was MUCH stronger then Irvin. He also did not come with the baggage.

    As far as Branch, MANY, MANY Gm's disagree with you and will become evident when Branch is chosen mid to late first.
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    Branch or Curry could replace Spencer. Irvin is an additional weapon/ complimentary player.
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    Thanks for handling our disagreeing with grace and maturity. (not sarcastic)

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    ah hell, we could both find a small ship full of people that agree with our sides. Their is no science to it. There is still a chance we can both be wrong and he puts us Spencer like numbers his whole career. :D
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    I wouldn't mind Jake Bequette in the third round. High-motor player who knows how to use what he's got.

    EDIT Actually, I'm not sure when Bequette is projected to go. I assume it's around the third round.
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    Watched this guy for two years as a WVU fan & I can tell you that the way he was used was a terrible situation but he made the most of it. He might of been better off keeping with his original commitment to Arizona St & playing more of a pro-style D, but Burfict prolly would have rubbed off on him.

    His first year he got used kind of like Aldon Smith was used last year & just played on passing downs. Most schools didn't really prepare for him, but this pass season I think he played at about 230-235 and on run downs he just got destroyed. So about half-way through the season they went back to him just playing on passing downs & his effectiveness increased.

    Even though I'm a mountaineer fan I'll tell ya he's not worth drafting until the 3-4th round because he's probably never going to be a every-down player (although I hope I'm wrong). Hopefully McCellain is around at 45 or somewhere close where we can trade up & snag him, reminds of Brooks Reed from last year.
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    D Ware is such a FREAK. Wow those numbers are sick.

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