Bryan Broaddus take on the starting oline

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Aug 17, 2013.

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    Anyone who does not take into account who the writer is working for is a idiot. Some guys are able to keep doing the same thing no matter what but that number is VERY limited.
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    I hear you but it seems a bit unethical for a former scout to write something on a player that he doesn't truly feel is true. I understand sports writers doing that but if I were in Broaddus' shoes, I would feel like I had to call it as I see it.
  3. MichaelWinicki

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    This is what Broaddus wrote...

    "For a couple of players that needed a good game, I thought Dwayne Harris[​IMG] as a receiver and Gavin Escobar[​IMG] at tight end played very well. Harris and Escobar were in a nice rhythm with Alex Tanney[​IMG] in how they were able to run their routes, and they were also able to finish their plays."

    Weave your intellectual magic and tell us what about that paragraph is incorrect.
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    My guess is he wouldn't say Jerry sucks but he seems to give an honest appraisal. Blanket all or nothing statements are generally incorrect.
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    Harris did have a good game against the Cardinals 2nd team. However, he disappeared when he went against the 1's. Think he is on the bubble, only way he makes the team is as a Special Teamer,,,,kick offs and punt returner.......TWilliams has been given the 3rd receiver slot by default and that hurts Harris stock as a Cowboy.
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    Harris as a WR was ok. A lot of that success was against 2nd and 3rd stringers. He was awful on special teams.
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    The ball was thrown to him 7 times and he caught it 6 of them, I don't care who it was against. He needs to catch the ball and he did. Plus, he has proven that he can make plays against starters before, he's not a rookie. He made quite a few plays last year, we've seen it in REAL games.
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    I like to study the game and not rely on sports reporters to form my opinion.

    Arkin only had 1 bad play and he didn't get overpowered on that one. He stayed on his primary block too long on a stunt by the DLinemen. He had to pass off the DT to Tyron Smith and then pick up the DE that was stunting around to the inside. There is zero margin for error on that type of play. He has to get the primary block because the DT would get to the QB much sooner than the stunting DE if neither was blocked.

    Arkin had 1 outstanding effort play where the RB tripped on Arkin's feet which caused Arkin to lose his footing. Arkin was able to continue to block the defender as he was falling to the ground. It was a good example of where length (height, arm length) is an advantage.

    Arkin made several good blocks in the running game. The Zone Blocking Scheme is a really good fit for him. It allows him to take advantage of his quickness and minimizes his issues with lack of great strength/power.

    I thought that it was his best game as a Cowboy. If Leary is not ready for game 1, I could see them starting Arkin at LG.

    Disclosure: Prior to this training camp I didn't expect anything from Arkin and expected Kowalski to be the better player.
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    I like Harris, he has proven it on the field and like you said he is not a rookie. But the addition of TWill has changed things. Not because of lack of ability from Harris, but for some crazy reason TWilliams has been penciled in as the #3 WR. Personally, I don't see the love for TWILL he just to raw and will take 2-3yrs to develop. That takes away from Harris staying in sync with ROMO.... Its seems the Cowboys view him as a Special Team player and as a 4th or 5th WR.

    Harris was so much better then Kevin Olgeetree last year.
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    Broddaus is fairly unbiased I think. No one is perfectly unbiased, that individual doesn't exist. In general I'd accuse Broaddus of having his pet cats, just like most reporters/scouts that I've read stuff from or heard talk about players. I think Broaddus is about the level of scout that we in the public end up having access to, guys who haven't been quite good enough to get hired or not quite good enough to keep their jobs with a team.

    As, a hopefully intelligent, reader you should sift every thing you read for bias and try to read the facts out of it.
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    He's said on talkin cowboys that Arkin has been there everytime he's been called on and has shown improvement.

    And has kind of admitted to being a bit wrong about Arkin.

    Broaddus also isn't a fan of Waters and says the team should not pursue that option.
  12. CowboyMcCoy

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    Broaddus is so boring and shallow in his analysis. I know at least 100 people who think just as critically as he. I kind of get embarrassed for him and Spags. I would be excited to have some fresh faces in place of both of them.
  13. CowboyMcCoy

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    I get that vibe from him. A monkey could analyze players as accurately as Broaddus. Dude's average, at best.
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    I just watched the game over and a number of plays were unsuccessful due to players getting push and being able to get past the face of Bernadeau..he is really going to be the Achilles of the offense. If u have the game dvr'ed take a lot at him on stills. Fred made a mistake on the play following the none yard run by Murray. It's looks like a zone left was called and Fred went to the right to the second level when he should have chipped the nose dirt and then went to the second level to the left. Other than that he was Solid.
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    you are REALLY good at ignoring things that you do not like. Or that do not fit your agenda.
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    I hope our starting RG is not Bern and there has been an upgrade there. I have no faith in him and don't want to see a season of 2 yard gains because of this guy. I don't trust Arkin either but he has my attention now after this performance.
  17. MichaelWinicki

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    You're the one that inferred Broaddus was a "shill" and yet brought nothing to the table to prove that.
  18. ThreeandOut

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    Regardless of his employer, I'd take Broaddus' opinion over that of so called objective writers like JJT, Watkins, Macmahon, Mosley, etc.
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    Broaddus brought intense film study to the table when he got on board with the Cowboy media crew, These other guys are very off the cuff armchair monday morning qbs. I appreciate his efforts. A lot of what he says does make sense as well.
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    Risen Star, you should know better. It doesn't matter who they work for, it matters what they say.

    If a writer writes positive things about the Cowboys then they are "quality journalists" and "good reads".

    If a writer writes negative things about the Cowboys then they are the "evil media" and "out to get us."

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