News: BTB: 2012 Cowboys Roster Likely To Highlight Phillips-Era Talent Gap

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Jul 30, 2012.

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    2012 Cowboys Roster Likely To Highlight Phillips-Era Talent Gap
    by One.Cool.Customer on Jul 30, 2012 9:00 AM EDT in Dallas Cowboys

    One of the most exciting things about training camp is watching how the roster develops. We'll get almost daily updates on which players saw their stock move up, and which players saw their stock decline. And this year, competition for a roster spot may be tougher than ever.

    Just like last year, the Cowboys will be entering training camp with 90 players, ten more guys than in previous years. Add seven free agent signings, also more than in previous years, and the Cowboys could have one of the most competitive training camps in recent memory, as players work hard for their roster spots.

    Yet that competition for roster spots will be fought largely among the backups - most of the 22 starters are probably already locked in at this point. After the break, we look at a projection for those 22 players, and look at which Coaching Era - Parcells, Phillips or Garrett - the starters belong to, and it's not a pretty picture...
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    Very interesting article. I believe the Boys had talent but also had a lot of players who felt entitled for whatever reason. I'm glad the roster is pushed to 90 for training camp. I hope some of the guys brought in this year push out a few guys or really challenge them for a spot (G, C, OLB and SS.)
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    Talent gap and "entitled players".

    Nice job Wade.
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    A lot of us that groaned at the hiring for the Head Coach position and now you know why.

    He rarely churned the roster during the season at the bottom of the roster when he needed too and at times I think he did not start guys that should have been starting.

    Oh well what can you do but move forwarded and hope for the best
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    There is a talent gap indeed, but I think this article as skewed facts to strengthen the argument.

    It is not a given that Claiborne will start over Jenkins this season-- I think that's my biggest pet peeve. Seemingly EVERYONE in the media is conceding that Claiborne is our #2 from here on out.

    And Wade wasn't terrible with his drafts-- he had 3 drafts in which he did 'okay'. Spencer and Doug Free in 2007, a pretty strong draft in 08 with Felix Jones, Scandrick, Jenkins, and 2010 with Bryant and Sean Lee.

    In 2009, Jerry hurt our draft by Acquiring Roy Williams and trading our draft picks away.

    And let's be real. A few years ago, the '08 draft was a tremendous win in most of our books... (Jenkns, Jones, Bennett, Choice, Scandrick) who is to say that won't happen with Garrett's guys? Folk vs Bailey is something we won't really completely understand for a few years as well.

    I like what Garrett is doing, but in all honesty we finally have cap room to make moves and Garrett has only had one draft that we can judge at this point.
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    Jerruh ran our draft after BP left until probably last year. So any results are on him for that period. 2009 was a disaster because they were looking for ST and backups and you would have thought Jerrruh would havelearned that lesson back in the 90's.
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    I was never a Wade fan, but talent acquisition is the GMs job, not the HC.
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    Really good post!

    It is just too early to judge what Garrett has done in the draft or even free agency for that matter. 6 of the 9 "Garrett Era" starters have never played a down for us.

    Tyron Smith, Bruce Carter and DeMarco Murray are the other 3. Obviously there is well-founded excitement around two of those guys, and high hopes for a 3rd, but that is hardly definitive proof of improved results.

    Hope? Optimism? Sure. But don't forget patience.

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