News: BTB: Bengals @ Cowboys: Game Review Of Cowboys Defense (First Half)

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    Dallas Cowboys fans remember the deterioration of the Cowboys defense last year. After opening the season strong, injuries started to form cracks and bad play and mis-communication allowed the dam to burst. When it was over, Rob Ryan was out and Monte Kiffin was in. The 3-4 out, the 4-3 in. So far, it looks pretty good. After watching the Bengals game again, let's take a look at the first-half defense.

    Defensive line - This is tough to evaluate as the line is missing Jay Ratliff and Anthony Spencer. But we may have to get used to missing Ratliff, word is he could miss some of the beginning of the regular season, possibly up to six weeks if they put him on the PUP list. While a healthy Ratliff would be nice, the play of Nick Hayden makes playing without the Rat a tolerable option. Hayden is not the playmaker Rat is, but he is solid in the middle. The Cowboys interior with Hayden and Jason Hatcher has been stout. Hayden is definitely a good option if we don't see the Rat. The Cowboys defensive line against the Bengals was tough against the run, sometimes making the tackle, sometimes disrupting the play and allowing the linebackers to flow to the tackle. Replacement George Selvie has shown good stoutness against the run.

    The one thing missing is the pass rush. Granted, the Bengals used a lot of 3- and 5-step drops in the game, limiting pass rush opportunities, but without Anthony Spencer, DeMarcus Ware and company have yet to get going. It's a small sample size to be sure, but that is the one element missing from the starting defensive line.

    Linebackers - Sean Lee and Bruce Carter are learning the art of diagnosing the play and either attacking the ball or getting back in coverage. On play-action they have to be quick about it and they have been so far. Lee was running nicely with tight ends and receivers up the seams, and Carter is quick to close out short catches in the flats. They both are very good in flowing to the ball on runs. The Bengals are a good running team but the Cowboys limited that aspect of their game in the first half.

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    I can only recall 3 turnovers, Barry Church and Jeff Heath FF's, and BW Webb INT, can someone enlighten me on that 4th turnover.

    And wow, if we can get 4 turnovers a game in the regular season we will be very dangerous.
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    some no namer w an INT on cincys last drive
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    Xavier Brewer had the INT to end Cincy's drive. He will likely be cut tomorrow :)

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