BTB: BTB Talks Cowboys Draft With Drafttek, Part II: Offensive Possibilities

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    by rabblerousr on Apr 19, 2012 12:30 PM CDT in Dallas Cowboys 2012 Draft
    Today, we continue our pre-draft chat with Drafttek's Long Ball, whose expertise (as most of you know) is twofold: offensive line play and the Dallas Cowboys. So, he's perfectly poised to talk about your favorite team's draft prospects. Yesterday, in case you missed it, we took a global overview of the draft; today, we'll look at the offensive prospects, focusing on positions of need.

    BTB: I’d like to begin by talking about prospects at each of the Cowboys offensive "need" positions. Let's start with your area of specialty, the "big uglies," specifically the interior offensive linemen. Last year, you gave us some good names (and some great insider info) on a whole slew of interior linemen; I’m hoping we can repeat the exercise.

    Let's start at Center. Reports out of Valley Ranch suggest that the Cowboys are focused more on center than guard, which makes sense given Phil Costa’s struggles. If they solve this problem via the draft, Dallas will need him to play immediately. Can you give us a list of names of guys who, in your estimation, are plug-and-play: ready to start as rookies?

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