News: BTB: Can The Dallas Cowboys Keep Laurent Robinson?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Can The Dallas Cowboys Keep Laurent Robinson?
    by Tom Ryle

    In the midst of the sloppy and frustrating mess that was the 2011 season, the Dallas Cowboys still had some players emerge and provide us with hope for the future. Sean Lee showed he is a certified, Chuck Norris approved stud at linebacker. DeMarco Murray made many of us eat a bit of crow over whether he was a wasted draft pick. And Tyron Smith showed that a number one pick could be very wisely spent on a tackle.

    Those were pretty much cases of high draft picks living up to expectations. But there was also one huge surprise, a late signing that wound up becoming far more valuable to the team than anyone could have predicted. Laurent Robinson came in, and with both Miles Austin and Dez Bryant fighting the injury bug, became the top target when Tony Romo wanted to put one in the end zone. His eleven TD receptions tied him for fourth in the league (third among wide receivers), and he was right there with Dez and Jason Witten for total yards as well.

    With him joining Miles and Dez (it is hard to call him the third receiver given what he did), the Cowboys have a potent receiving corps, and the team can focus on other needs in the draft and free agency....

    Wide receivers that catch 11 touchdown passes and go on the free agent market aren't a dime a dozen, and Robinson will command some pretty decent dollars from other NFL teams as a 26-year-old.

    Conventional wisdom would say it's a no-brainer, the Cowboys need to do all they can to bring back Robinson, but can you afford to pay the kind of money he'll command for a guy that ideally would be your No. 3 receiver?...
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    It seems like he was our #1 receiver for most of the season.
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    I think Dallas should get him signed. I think too much talk of he is a #3 is a bit over board. In this league as we have seen guys get hurt Robinson is capable of playing more than just the 3 spot. Frankly he plays a lot of the 2 spot with Austin moving into the slot. We have 3 very good WR in a league that loves to pass why wouldn't I keep him? GB manages to keep 3 very good WR as does NO I see no reason why Dallas would do it differently
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    I don't know that he will command that much. He has been in the league and has bounced around. Smart teams will see this as a one year wonder than what he can do on a regular basis.

    Plus, I'm sure he would prefer to stay here with a proven QB and a good offense.
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    All it takes is one team to make his salary skyrocket to where it would be foolish to re-sign him.

    Hopefully, no team will go too overboard and we can retain him at an acceptable price tag.
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    Looking at the list of WR FA next year I don't think anyone will over bid for Robinson. There are some pretty big names on that list that I think will get more attention
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    Letting good young players that fall into your lap leave and resigning proven mediocrity like Anthony Spencer long term. Yep, that sounds about like a typical Cowboys offseason.
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    Nonsense. Dez was the #1 wideout. Because of all the attention Dez got that really opened things up for Robinson. If Robinson faced double teams like most #1's do he would struggle because he doesn't get much separation. He's a very solid #3, but no way can he be a team's #1. I'd love to resign him, but not if it comes at an unreasonable price.
  9. Fletch

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    Could any of our finds like Lee, T. Smith, Murray, and Robinson be attributed to our GM? No way! He sucks. :rolleyes:
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    I like Dez but he disappeared too often to be the #1 receiver. I'm tired of hearing how he's always double teamed. #1 receivers get free and make plays. Austin was hurt so he wasn't playing. I'd hate to think what our offense would have looked like without Robinson. I'm not saying he is a #1 receiver only that he played like our #1 receiver through a lot of the season.
  11. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    All this talk about dissapearing and he was still nearly a 1,000 yard reciever. Pretty damn good for a 2nd year player.
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    Trade Miles Austin (that is a pipe dream)

    Sign Robert Meachem and Laurent Robinson and get two faster receivers.

    Dez Bryant is allowed to become the true number 1, because he doesn't have two "favorite" targets in his way.

    The Cowboys could have drafted Robert Meachem and in hindsight, they should have drafted him. That is who I wanted to draft.

    Look at all the wasted money at WR.

    Terrell Owens (second contract)

    Roy E. Williams

    O.k. Now, let's over pay Miles Austin based on our severe over-paying of one Roy E. Williams...

    Here GM, GM...

    By the way, another Tennessee WR went in the 5th round last year...Denarius Moore.

    Hey, you ended up with Josh Thomas...

    Oh, yeah...He's not here!
  13. cowboy_ron

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    Robinson is a must to retain IMO
  14. mldardy

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    Exactly. Especially the way this league is now you can never have enough good wideouts.
  15. 5Stars

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  16. Marktui

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    He might not command a high price in the open market. He has been in the league now for 5 years and really his first break out season. Teams will look at that as a red flag. He is not going to get number 1 WR money. Probably more in line for number 2 type payday. We should be able to match offers in that range. Vincent Jackson, DeSean Jackson, Reggie Wayne, Marques Colston, Robert Meachem and Wes Welker. That's a lot of receivers that will command top dollar in the market.

    Hopefully he can go under the radar and the Cowboys could get a fair price for him.
  17. CCBoy

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    What about a team such as the Rams? They could come knocking on the door interested. With eleven TD's this year, he would at least look intrigueing.

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