BTB: Concussions Take Their Toll On Rayfield Wright

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by jobberone, Jan 28, 2014.

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    One of the brightest stars in the Cowboys constellation, Ring of Honor member and Hall of Famer Rayfield Wright is now finding himself more and more in a world of darkness.

    Few former Dallas Cowboys are as revered as Rayfield Wright.

    "He was absolutely the best. Rayfield was a big, strong guy that was able to transfer his size and strength from tight end to tackle. He also had such quick feet that he was able to deal with some of the faster defensive ends and even the linebacker blitzes. If he got beat, I don't remember it." - Roger Staubach

    Sadly, Wright has been getting beat for years and we knew nothing about it until recently. Earlier today, Dave posted a link in the News & Notes column to a story about Wright.

    "You don’t want people to look at you any differently. When you’ve been at the top of the N.F.L., you don’t want people to know. You’re supposed to be tough and invincible. So if something’s wrong with you, you try to hide it. Which is exactly what I did." - Rayfield Wright

    The legendary Cowboys offensive lineman is suffering the effects of dementia. Diagnosed in the spring of 2012, Wright had long avoided getting himself tested because, as he stated to Juliet Macur of the New York Times, he did not want to have the issue that he suspected was ruining his life confirmed by doctors. After playing more than 180 NFL games in his illustrious career and suffering so many concussions that he couldn't count them, Rayfield Wright would now be forced to pay an undeserved price for the glory that he received.

    "Sometimes, I walk into the kitchen and forget why I went there. I’ve gotten into several car accidents because of seizures. Totaled two cars. My memory is not good. There’s a big fight within myself."

    He stopped for a few seconds and looked me straight in the eye, giving me a menacing gaze that must have terrified defensive linemen. Then he spoke through clenched teeth. "I’m fighting right now while I’m talking to you," he said. "I have a headache. I don’t want to keep talking. But I know it’s time."

    Even more startling than his icy stare were the tears welling in his eyes. Wright knows that waiting for a better deal won’t help him, that time is not on his side.

    "I’m scared," he said. He buried his face in his giant hands before looking up again and almost pleading, "I don’t want this to happen." He wiped a tear from his cheek.

    "I just want to know why this is happening to me,"
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    One of my favorite Cowboys. I hate to hear this.
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    The toll on the body this sport takes on these guys is unbelievable. We will start to read about more and more of our favorite players suffering like this as age catches up to them. The sport is violent and the long term effects of it can't be fixed with pills and surgery. The next time we say a guy isn't tough or get angry when he doesn't play, maybe we should take a deep breath and realize the player is a human being, not a robot.
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    NFL football is incredibly debilitating to the body. Just no way to prevent that outside of going to flag football.
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    Christ, that was sad to read.
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    Hate to see this with anybody. That was hard to read, indeed.

    Ultimately, it is all about the money. Wright could of done something else for a career though but he chose to play football. Now I don't know if all of the information regarding future health problems was available back when he played, it probably wasn't, but for the players today it is.

    Hopefully the NFL can do more to prevent some of these things but in the end, players today are fully aware of the risks and rewards when it comes to making a career out of playing football. I'm sure that the vast majority will still opt to make the money instead of worrying about what could happen later and that is a decision they will have to live with, not the NFL.
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    Guys like him are why I don't buy for one second that the NFL cares anything at all about player safety. They have not made one rule to help linemen and linebackers, even though they, and not WRs, are the ones most commonly suffering.
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    In the meantime these suffering injured men have to live. A pension that is almost nothing is shocking. A ring of honor and or hall of famer getting a pension that is a paltry sum is a travesty in of itself. Mr. Wright deserves much more, as they all do. This proud beast of a man is broken and it was all caused by football and the violent impact collisions between other beastly men tend to inflict upon young men that never really manifests itself as the debilitating nature it truly is until later years and even then these proud men suffer in isolated silence as the world goes on around them in gallant fashion. I hear bantered about that these men knew what they were getting into when they signed up and cashed the checks to play in the nfl. Did they really? Do you think for a minute Rayfield Wright knew back then that his life and health would be in it's current state? I think not! That is the major issue they have with the nfl; alleging that the nfl knew what was in store for them and kept it internally mum. All in the name of money and profits for all of their millionaire owners. I am glad that judge held out for more funds from the nfl but players are in dire need for financial help now and the nfl should up the ante and get this money fast tracked and into the hands of the former players who paved the yellow brick road of gold for them in exchange for unknown at least to them during their playing years, health problems in old age.
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    They had no clue. Much less of a clue than modern athletes. Which is why I feel sorry for them the most.

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