News: BTB: Cowboys 2011 Defense - Stop The Run, Lead NFL In Sacks & Dominate The 4th

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    Cowboys 2011 Defense - Stop The Run, Lead NFL In Sacks & Dominate The 4th Quarter
    by Kegbearer

    The Dallas Cowboys defense is no longer a liability. Rob Ryan has inspired and utilized the Cowboys defenders far beyond anything we saw in 2010, even after Jason Garrett took the reins as interim coach. This defense does not quit. This defense does not back down. This defense bends but actually doesn't break, with a whiplash that often results in turnovers and/or sacks at key moments in games.

    The Cowboys continue to lead the league in sacks. The defense is Top 5 in yards allowed per game and yards allowed per play, impressively keeping teams to less than 300 yards per game and five yards per play. The Cowboys also rank Top 10 in the league in 1st downs allowed to their opponents. This is an aggressive, creative, and stingy defense.

    In truth, the defense is a big reason the Cowboys have won their last two games to currently top the NFC East division standings. It's not the dream team, but they have held three good rushing attacks to an average of about 60 yards per game and only three yards per carry. They never allowed teams to establish the run, even when the opponents were playing with the lead. Combine this ability to make teams one dimensional with a scheme and lineup that makes life difficult for quarterbacks, and offensive coordinators will have sleepless nights preparing for Rob Ryan's Cowboys defense...
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    I'm proud of our defense, however, we have faced Sanchez, Alex Smith and Grossman. The offenses we've faced aren't terrible, but they aren't great either. I think we'll continue to see the defense improve as they get more comfortable with their assignments and hopefully get healthier.
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    it's exciting to see, this defense this good and so early in the season, I just want to see more of Victor Butler in the game.:starspin
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    agree with this - Butler brings ton of energy. I also think Lee has alot to do with good run defense...which means the defensive line is also doing their part.
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    im sure we will get a very important test this week from the lions....maybe we can bank on a stafford injury?
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    nice analysis. I love posts like this.

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