BTB: Cowboys News & Notes: Garrett Wants Ware To Practice More

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Jan 28, 2014.

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    Pour yourself a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and get caught up on all the news regarding the Dallas Cowboys.

    Garrett Wants Ware To Practice More In '14 Scott Crisp, NBCDFW

    After being held out of numerous practices during the 2013 season due to a variety of issues, the Dallas head coach wants to see his future Hall of Fame pass rusher be able to take the practice field more often during the upcoming season.

    "He’s missed a lot of practice time over the last couple of years because of all these injuries, and that’s something that really can impact a player, even a player of his caliber. You need to practice." - Jason Garrett
    Not only would the increased practice time allow Ware to keep his elite skills sharp, the very fact that he is able to practice would be welcome news since it would be a sign that Ware was shrugging off the quad, elbow, and back issues that slowed him down in 2013.

    Per Source, Cowboys Are Still 'Visiting" With Scott Linehan; Bill Callahan Will Return No Matter What Clarence Hill, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

    It appears likely that by the time you read this the Scott Linehan deal will be official, but that does not necessarily mean that Bill Callahan will be going anywhere.

    But despite reports about Callahan possibly leaving to become offensive coordinator in Cleveland if Linehan replaces him as the play caller, he remains under contract and will return to the Cowboys in 2014 no matter what, a source said.
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    Lots of links here for your pleasure. I think the blurb re: Callahan is old. Supposedly that's a done deal.
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  4. morasp

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    cut his pay, trade him, or cut him.
  5. jobberone

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    Premature IMO. We need to see what he's got. He needs to renegotiate his contract. This is a tough one. I really don't have any idea what will happen.
  6. morasp

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    I'm not against keeping him if he takes a pay cut. I would be very surprised if he stays healthy in 2014. He has shown the willingness to play through injuries, he's just not very effective doing it.
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    That's about as close to a coach calling out a superstar as you're going to get. it means they're going to sign him to a ridicules deal but "expect" more from him...:rolleyes:
  8. Bullflop

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    I'm thinking this may simply be a case of Garrett feeling the heat and getting desperate to implement change for the better, regardless of Ware's inability to perform the way he has in the past. If Ware's body is breaking down as it appears it may well be, it's entirely possible that very little can be done to change it. Throughout his career, Ware has routinely been one to do whatever it takes to stay on top of his game. I seriously doubt it's a case of Ware simply goofing off but we'll see if things change. Seems to me like Woicik, the trainers and the team doctors should know what's best for Ware to overcome his injury woes. It's hard to picture him being lazy or overly cautious when he's maintained his conditioning and played through injury so many times in the past.
  9. sadams

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    Let the PR circus begin. "Demarcus you haven't practiced enough to earn your contract. We need you to sign for 2.50 and a jawbreaker please."
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  10. big dog cowboy

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    BTB must not have got the memo.
  11. jobberone

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    not sure I buy that either but that's his take.
  12. Zordon

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    He also needs to play more during the game. He pulls himself out way too much. The guy just doesn't have the same killer instinct as our past greats.
  13. LatinMind

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    I would love it if a player came out and said I want Garrett to coach better
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  14. Idgit

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    As much as I love Ware, I don't think this is really all that tough. This is two declining years in a row. That's a trend. And he's paid too much money for the results we've gotten. Even if the issues have been mostly injury related, they're chronic injuries. He *might* well bounce back for a season or two, but he's not going to get back to a level where he's a league defensive MVP candidate. Unless he's really willing to take a significant cut--and players in his position rarely are--we're better off protecting ourselves and the cap from further downside than we are betting on any possible upside.

    I'd offer the guy a huge cut, and build back in some significant performance incentives and see if *he* wants to be on himself. If he wouldn't, I wouldn't.

    I think we could put a similar deal on the table for a player like Jared Allen, and he could agree without a particular hit to his ego. I'm not sure which player has more left, but I don't think the difference is the extra $6M we'd have to pay Demarcus Ware to find out.
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  15. jobberone

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    If there are reasonable question about his health and future production then I agree and have said so. If they expect him to do well then they may not leverage that. Neither side I think wants to be backed into a corner. My guess is Jerry will blink first although Garrett, Stephan and others may push him. I just don't know where this is going. His cost this year is huge so you have to constantly keep your eye on that.
  16. sadams

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    This team needs a new look. One that does not include Ware, Austin, Garrett or Romo.

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