News: BTB-Dallas Cowboys Complete Epic Comeback, Again: Defeat Redskins 18-16

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    What a game! We'll be back with more shortly, but the Cowboys won their home opener against a fiesty Redskins team, 18-16. Behind six field goal from rookie Dan Bailey and a stout defense that stiffened when they had to, Dallas has now moved into first place in the division.

    Tony Romo had to battle a horrible performance by his offensive line and receivers, but gamely led the Cowboys on the winning drive. Felix Jones had his 2011 breakout game while Sean Lee made several stops, pass breakups and a second interception.

    The high point of the festivities came with the Redskins trying to drive for the lead. Anthony Spencer chased down Rex Grossman from behind and forced the strip sack, which was recovered by Chuck Norris Sean Lee.

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