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    Dez Sees Big Week Coming For Williams - Rowan Kavner,
    Bryant said Williams demonstrated the explosiveness he can bring to an offense on Saturday.

    "He didn’t really look too nervous to me, it was just probably a little bit too excited," Bryant said. "But he’s going to find his way. We all do. I’m pretty sure he’s going to go off this week."

    Phillip Tanner: 'I'm a company guy' - Tim MacMahon, ESPN Dallas
    Tanner offers some very nice soundbites on his approach to the game and to not having played on Saturday:

    "I wasn’t really all into, ‘Why didn’t I play?’" Tanner said. "It was a coach’s decision. They tell me J-Ran is going in and I say, ‘Yessir, coach.’ I’m a company guy."

    "My job is, when they say, ’34, go in,’ go in and do it to the best of my ability."

    "I always tell my kids about the dinosaurs all the time," Tanner said. "People say they were the biggest and baddest, but they couldn’t adapt. If you can’t adapt to change, you see what happened to the dinosaurs. So that’s just my mindset, being able to adapt to whatever the situation is."

    "It’s always disappointing not being able to go out there and do what you love to do, but it’s the coaches’ decision, so I’m just adapting to the situation. Whatever they need me to do, whatever role they need me to fill in, I’m going to do it and I’m going to do it well."

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    I've always liked Tanner but wonder where he fits on the team this year.
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    Well if they keep 4 guys i'd imagine Randle won't be active on game day because of Tanners ability to play Special Teams.
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    Tanner seems like a real quality person. Impressed by how he teaches his kids life lessons
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    I really, really like that dude, too. And these quotes just make me like him more. I'm going to steal his dinosaur bit.

    I was disappointed in his play last season, because I thought he did everything you could ask of him as a rookie. But this season, he back to running hard and getting that last yard. He plays well in pass protection, has a fantastic attitude, and he's got that viscous spin-move that's fun to watch in preseason.
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    I'm trying to picture a viscous spin move. Stuff flying off in all directions.

    I love Tanner's attitude. I wish he weren't so limited as a runner. He tries hard, but he doesn't have the vision to be great.
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    Tanner should be #2 IMO.
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    My issue with Tanner is inconsistancy. In the HOF game, he reminded me of Emmit Smith the way he hit the hole, bounced off hits, and maintained great balance. In other games, he looks like Julius Jones running straight into the back of his OL and not getting much further.
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    see devil, tasmanian: Made famous by the warner brothers "Taz" :D
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    he doesn't have to be great. he has to be valuable. if he can run hard for 5 or 6 carries per game and take some of the sting out of defenses, that's valuable.

    same for dunbar. if he can make the defense whiff a few times each game, that's valuable.

    (i see randle getting experience in mop-up situations this year.)

    not everyone has one running back who can do everything well, 60 or 70 snaps per game.
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