News: BTB: Dallas Cowboys News: Tony Romo Is King Of The Deep Pass

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Nov 17, 2011.

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    by One.Cool.Customer on Nov 17, 2011 8:01 AM CST in Dallas Cowboys News

    Romo celebrates after completing another deep pass for a score.

    Tony Romo is the King Of Deep Passing -
    Quarterback Tony Romo has become the king of deep passing. He leads the league ahead of Aaron Rodgers with an Accuracy Percentage of 63.6% on passes targeted 20 yards or more downfield. He's also tied for the top spot with eight touchdown passes on deep balls.

    Rob Ryan's fire zone blitz - Bob's Blog
    Bob Sturm shows that In 2011 the Cowboys have blitzed defensive backs on 24% of all pass plays (81 times in 335 pass plays). Rob Ryan has blitzed more DBs in nine games than Wade Phillips/Paul Pasqualoni in the previous two seasons combined. That is enough to confuse and confound any opponent when applied properly. Sturm breaks it down in a great read for X's and O's fans.
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    Special thanks to Dez and Robinson on Sunday!
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    This does not surprise me at all (and is yet another reason to believe that Romo is an elite quarterback). I've been noticing this myself -- from the pass to Holley to beat the 49ers in OT to the pass to Robinson this past weekend, his deep passes always seem to be right on the money. Mike Wallace ran a similar route as Robinson this past weekend and broke free, but Rothlisberger overthrew him. And quite frankly, you see it all the time, QBs overthrowing their WRs on deep routes. But not from Romo, he always seems to hit his receivers perfectly in stride.
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    I wouldn't say always, but the myth that he doesn't throw the deep pass well should be debunked, just like pretty much any of the outlandish criticisms of Romo.
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    Romo is going to have a monster 2nd half of the season...
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    I agree, he seems determined...

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