News: BTB: Dallas Cowboys Passing Game: The First Ten Weeks

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    A marathon film session to watch every pass the Cowboys have thrown in 2013? Yes, that happened, and the results are below detailing the Cowboys ups and downs on offense.

    So far in the 2013 season, according to, Tony Romo has completed 239 of 370 pass attempts for 2,681 yards. Along with these 370 attempts, Romo has taken 22 sacks over the course of 10 games, and this weekend, I decided to watch every single one of them, at least twice.

    So on Friday evening around 6 o'clock I settled in for the closest I've ever been to a coaches and players marathon film session, after calling it a night at 10 pm, I started up again at 8:45 Saturday morning, and finally finished with the Saints game at around 4:30 pm. So that's essentially 12 hours of film work over two days focusing on every aspect of the Cowboys passing game I could possibly observe, and now it's my goal to share the lessons I learned, first to describe the current state of the Cowboys passing game, and secondly (later this week) to prescribe my theorized cures for what ails the once explosive Dallas offense.

    Major Points:

    Play Calling:

    Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the nuance involved in the design of the plays the Cowboys put on the field over the first 10 weeks. There is a lot of criticism thrown around by fans and writers alike (myself included) that this offense doesn't have any bread and butter plays that they can depend on when they need a conversion, and that the coaching staff doesn't do enough creatively to get their players in favorable situations, and doesn't use guys like James Hanna and Lance Dunbar properly or frequently enough.

    However, when I was able to watch this offense, and take in the games as a big picture, and see the trends from game to game as well as series to series, I was able to uncover several "go-to" plays that this team turns to multiple times a game when they need conversions.

    Let's go to the chalkboard to look over a few of those schemes:


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