News: BTB-Dallas Cowboys: Seven Statistical Nuggets To Feel Good About

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    Seven random statistical thoughts and musings as we revel in the warm afterglow of the win against the Redskins.

    1. A tough schedule: Every team has now played three games, and only three teams remain unbeaten, the Packers, Bills and Lions. With the Lions coming to Dallas on Sunday, this means that for the first four weeks of the 2011 season, the Cowboys will have gone up against teams that were undefeated on game day (if we generously count the 0-0 Jets in week one as undefeated).

    The current combined record of the first four Cowboys opponents: 9-3. No other team in the NFL will have had a tougher first four weeks as measured by the current 2011 W/L records. Six other teams have faced opponents with a combined 8-4 record (MIA, CIN, IND, DEN, OAK, KC). Predictably, the combined W/L record of these six teams is 4-14.

    2. Too close for comfort: As brought to us courtesy of the Cowboys PR department, the last nine Cowboys games have been decided by three points or less, which is the longest streak of games with a point differential of three or less in NFL history. The previous long was held by the Raiders (six) from 2004-05. The Cowboys record in these games is 5-4. Auspiciously - and the Cowboys PR guys make no mention of this - the last game decided by more than three points was the 35-19 win against the Lions in week 11 last year.
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    That whole thing about teams we play being undefeated is way blown out of proportion. It's seriously not indicative of how easy/difficult this schedule is yet.

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