BTB: Gil Brandt on what Dallas should do

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by waving monkey, Apr 4, 2014.

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    Gil Brandt Has A Blueprint For The Cowboys, But He Seems A Little Late
    By Tom Ryle@TomRyleBTB on Apr 3 2014, 11:00p 15

    USA TODAY Sports

    The man who deserves a huge amount of credit for building the original Cowboys into the NFL power they became offers his suggestions on how to fix the team. So why do these sound an awful lot like things the team is trying to do already?

    If you became a fan of the Dallas Cowboys in the formative years, you likely consider Gil Brandt something of a legend. With Tex Schramm and Tom Landry, he was part of the leadership trinity that took an expansion team in 1960 and built it into the flagship NFL franchise it became by the 1970s. He is held in particularly high esteem for his innovations in scouting and finding successful NFL players in unusual ways, such as converting basketball players to football and digging up small school stars with big league talent.

    When he talks football, I always pay attention. When he writes about the Cowboys, it is a must read.

    But Brandt's latest article about Dallas at seems oddly, well, dated. As One.Cool.Customer observed in his latest news summary post, it was much more appropriate to a few seasons ago.

    The five points aren't really rocket science, but I stopped halfway through when I found references to Roy Williams and Marion Barber. That is sooo 2010.

    I attribute at least some of this to Brandt now covering the NFL as a whole and not being as closely attuned to the Cowboys as he once was. Still, I did find myself wondering if he was paying much attention at all to Dallas. His points, while not in any way unexpected or overly insightful, are pretty valid. They just already seem to be happening. So if he is right, then things are already moving in the right direction. At least, that is how I have been seeing things for the past three seasons or so. Here are his five points, and what I think has already been done.
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    In before the 10 pages of "Garrett sucks" and "Jerry does what he wants" posts.

    The BTB author makes some good points. It's hard to argue that the Dallas FO hasn't at least shown improvement in the way they conduct operations.

    That being said, whether the consortium's approach correctly makes the decisions that ultimately improve the team's chances of winning remains to be seen.
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    I agree with the article, especially that part that this is old news...Garrett, for all of his faults, has been trying to instill his way of thinking into the franchise...for that reason, he needs to still be in place....
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    I think the point of the "team identity" is that it needs to be a strong figure/individual. Dont think he's referring so much to an offense or defense. Its all about the direction and stability of the franchise. That identity has been Jerry for years, but its necessary to move past Jerry to somebody more respected. I think Jason is becoming that but the game mismanagement the past few years has made it less recognizable in a significant way.

    When Parcells was here he was the identity.

    Jimmy was the identity.

    Coach Landry was the identity.

    Belicheat in NE is their identity.

    Joe Gibbs was in Washington.

    Harbaugh is in SF.

    I think this is whats meant by "team identity." I agree. Now the question is, can Red J be it so that it matters and shows up in the W/L column?
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    Good point. And right on with Jasons biggest flaw. Game mismanaging. Now that JG is a longer tenured coach he should get more of this Cowboy Identity respect thing.
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    All these changes; the PROCESS; etc

    has not produced more wins has it?

    Yet they want to give this more time. How much time?
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    As long as Jerry is alive, he will be the identity of the Cowboys. Even when Parcells was here, Jerry was still a big presence.
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    True. But if there can be another recognizable identity as well it would be beneficial. Jason seems to be able to work with Jerry in spite of Jerry, and regardless of what all the Jason Sux/Jerry Sux crowd says about Jerry emasculating and dictating, blah, blah, blah.
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    I hope so.
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    Its our only hope presently.
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    Obviously brandt's points are the blueprint to build any successful franchise and always will be. If you have a particularly intelligent and inventive person like bellicheck running things you dont need an identity from a scheme standpoint though. You figure out which types of players are being systematically undervaludd by the rest of the league and you build schemes arohnd them. Once the rest of the league catches on, you switch it up again. Those people are hard to find, so the next best step is to maintain one strategy. But changi g coaches/schemes constantly just because youre losing is the worst thing yoh can possibly do.
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    You make a very good point. I think Belicheck is an outstanding coach, it will be interesting if he can have the same success without Brady. With FA and turn-over of rosters, the QB position is the key to winning anything in today's NFL.
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    Just to keep things in perspective, the last super bowl billecheat/brady won was in 2005.
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    But they still have been successful in getting to SB's and AFC championship games. That would be like saying Landry wasn't all that great because he only won 2 SB's and lost 3.
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    Brandt offers little now to the game.
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    Just about the only time you see Kraft, Pats owner, is when there is a charity function, in the owners box at the game or standing side by side with coaches and players when the win the AFC.

    That is what Jerry has to do. But will not.
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    And what, pray tell, is JG's identity?
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    Gil Brandt is essentially suggesting hiring someone to assume the duties of a GM with a different title. Would Jerry be inclined to go for something as obvious as that when every media type would want to be the first to expose this for what it really is? More than likely, it wouldn't suit his fancy in the slightest. There's your bottom line right there.
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    When Gil Brandt talks i listen.

    He always make good points and his love for the Cowboys half never dimished I know.
    Good to hear from you, Gil!
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