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    Dallas Cowboys News: Going Back To Cali
    by One.Cool.Customer on Nov 11, 2011 4:00 AM CST in Dallas Cowboys News

    Sunlight. Fresh air. Natural surface. Mild temperatures. The Cowboys are going back to the 'Nard.

    Training Camp Headed Back To Oxnard In 2012 -
    The Cowboys will sign a three-year contract with the city of Oxnard, pending finalization between the Cowboys and city officials, that will keep the team practicing on the West Coast through 2014. The initial reports indicate that the Cowboys will be there for the entire camp.

    "We look forward to going back to California next year. We are also exploring avenues to have a continued Dallas Cowboys presence in San Antonio, because it has always been a special home for the Dallas Cowboys. The support of the City and the fans in San Antonio are outstanding."

    At this point, the most likely scenario is that some OTAs or preseason practices will be held in San Antonio, but not training camp...
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    Cowboys ditch Alamodome

    By Tom Orsborn,

    Southern California's blue skies, cool ocean breezes and grass fields apparently are more appealing to Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett than the Alamodome's static, climate-controlled atmosphere and synthetic turf.

    In a move that was not wholly unexpected, the team confirmed Thursday it is close to finalizing a three-year deal to hold training camp in Oxnard, just north of Los Angeles.

    The Cowboys' five-year, rent-free deal with the Alamodome expired in August, allowing the club to explore other options.

    According to a source with knowledge of the team's communications with San Antonio, Garrett and his staff prefer training in Oxnard, where the layout at the River Ridge facility allows the players to walk from their hotel rooms to the grass practice field. In San Antonio, the players bus between their downtown hotel and the dome....

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    Excellent news! :D
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    THere was a reason Landry loved that place.

    Only one camp- no moving around. MUCH better climate.
    Grass is easier on the legs. And a lot fewer distractions.

    This should have been an obvious call. Leave it to Jerruh to not figure it out for years.
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    And a Bear Bryant believed in the Call of the Wild. Where you were hot, messy, challenged, and always without comfort when destitute and no relief but the fight.
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    Man I don't think so :laugh1:

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