News: BTB: How Has The Cowboys' Young O-Line Held Up In Run Blocking So Far?

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    How Has The Cowboys' Young O-Line Held Up In Run Blocking So Far?
    by One.Cool.Customer


    The Cowboys' young O-line still has a long way to go in run blocking. The key issue appears to be their inability to get enough push off the line, which is especially obvious in short yardage situations. This may be due to the lack of strength, lack of technique or simple lack of mass along a line that is manned by two rookies and one first-year player. But what is disconcerting is that the Cowboys have had the same problems in short yardage situations with an entirely different cast of linemen over the last few years.

    And the Cowboys running backs haven't exactly excelled either. Backs on other teams with similar issues along the line have performed much better.

    Finally, keep in mind that these are only the results of four weeks. The Cowboys may have simply gotten off to a slow start. We still don't know just how good the defenses were that the Cowboys have played so far and for what it's worth, the Cowboys running game seems to be on an upward trend. There are many other reasons that could also apply, but the Cowboys have to get better in this area, and they still have 12 weeks to improve. The only way is up.

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