News: BTB: Inside Monte Kiffin's Playbook: Monte Kiffin's Philosophies

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    By CotySaxman on Jan 29, 2:08p

    It's difficult for many to imagine what exactly Monte Kiffin's defense means for the Cowboys, and there are a number of reasons for that. First of all, he's been coaching at USC under his son, and also previously for a year at Nebraska, essentially obscuring his true schemes from our memory.

    He was in Tampa Bay for quite some time, but Tampa's effectiveness and roster strength quickly declined under media darling (and front office pariah) head coach Jon Gruden. Chicago and Minnesota, among other teams, began to adopt a "Tampa 2" style of defense, but they weren't, and aren't, Kiffin's defenses.

    For this reason, we go all the way back to 1998, when Kiffin was comfortably running his innovative defense in Tampa Bay with much success (and, coincidentally, when the playbook I've come to possess originated from). We haven't seen a real Monte Kiffin defense in years, so it's only logical to go straight to the source.


    I teased this image at the end of my last article. These are the Defensive Philosophies Kiffin built his scheme around. Let's take a look at them in order.

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    Very good read.
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    It's not mine, just providing a link for people who might be interested.
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    I know it's not yours but the link you posted is half of the playbook.

    Just FYI...

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    I like where he says, "A physical defense is one that is flying to the football, and the opponent is going backwards and not falling forward."

    This game is about field position, and every inch counts. I hate to see our defense come up to make the tackle and not push the RB or WR backwards. The offense wiggles or pushes for the extra yardage.

    It is an attitude to stop them in their tracks and push them backwards every play.

    You are battling for every inch of field position.

    It seems he teaches and preaches that attitude on defense.
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    Gotta like #6 on that list.
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    "Stop the run and dont give up the big play" that is something that came straight from a Wade Phillips style defense.
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    When I looked through the playbook, alot of the coverages call for press coverage of the WRs.

    As a matter of fact it's the first thing they have to do before they read their other keys.
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    If that is so true, why couldn't he teach it to college kids? The guy's defense got scorched at USC.

    Sorry, I'm not excited about going backward in time.
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    The reality is that the current Dallas talent will redefine how Kiffin's defense is applied. The original Tampa 2 emerged as an invention in reaction to whatever weaknesses Kiffin found inherent to his players and the success of opposing offenses. Certainly, the Bucs at that time are inextricable from what the Tampa 2 is regarded as, but essentially Kiffin will have to take his principles and coaching techniques and remediate the Dallas inherent weaknesses.

    I don't think there will be another Tampa 2 as much as there will be an attacking strain of the 4-3 with an identity finally.

    I just remember the Bucs playing the Rams before the Greatest Show on Turf went to the Super Bowl. I think the Rams won like 13-7 or something like that but Warren Sapp had a look of amusement on his face after the game. He said something like "Did you see them limping? We just walked off the field. They ain't never been hit like that."

    That's what I'm looking forward to.
    Play Like That!
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    You have hit upon the quality of a good coach, .. in my opinion.

    I have coached for about 20 years, and that is what I always try to do.

    I watch my kids for a few practices, maybe a week or more. I then begin to identify each one's strengths and weaknesses, and then place each player accordingly, while trying to exploit their strengths, and hide their weaknesses.

    Coaches that try to mold the kids to fit their scheme puzzle me. Sometimes it just won't work.

    I hope Kiffin is able to configure his defense to fit our skill sets.

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