BTB:Looking At Draft Needs For The Dallas Cowboys

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jan 6, 2012.

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    by Tom Ryle on Jan 6, 2012 5:00 AM CST in Dallas Cowboys General
    It's the draft season. Until April 26th, we are going to drown in a sea of mock drafts, draft boards, and draft wish lists. Numbers from combines and pro days are going to be examined, compared, dissected, filleted, chopped and julienned to try and sort out where players should go in the draft, and who the Cowboys should be looking to take.

    That is the supply side of the unique economy of the NFL draft. Under the BPA theory, you just take the whoever is the highest remaining player on your board.
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    Free agents I will wait to see who becomes available.
    Using this list of needs I would draft below

    Pass rushing OLB
    DE or CB
    NT, DE (if CB in 6), or CB (if DE in 6)

    I would go

    1st- ILB vontaze burfict - butler takes over for spencer and loosing brooking and James we need someone to step in now.

    2nd- CB Brandon Boykin - good coverage cb and returner.

    3rd- G Kevin zeitler

    4th- OLB Brandon Lindsey

    5th- QB Ryan lindley

    6th- NT Damon Harrison

    7th- Best available for remaining needs
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    Burfict is going to be lucky if he goes in the top 25 at this point. I also like him, but his character and attitude are really coming into question with all of the penalties he's been committing. Unless he kills it at the combine with his workouts and interviews he won't even be on our radar at 14
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    Burfict: "Plays with great intensity however, emotions can get the best of him on the field which has led to personal foul calls and costing his team in key situations (Late 4th QTR USC 2010). Also had three personal foul calls against Washington in 2009. No off-the-field issues that we are currently aware of. Had some maturity issues early in his career. Reports are that he has taken big steps this off-season in terms of maturing. Passionate and football is important to him. "

    We could use some passion and intensity on this team.
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    I'd be happy with this draft.
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    There are reports that some teams have already taken him off their boards . He really hurt his draft stock this year .
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    I've soured on Burfict, he's way too out of control with his emotions.

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