News: BTB: Michael Irvin: "Dez Bryant will be the best receiver in the NFL.''

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Michael Irvin: "Dez Bryant will be the best receiver in the NFL.''
    by One.Cool.Customer

    The Dallas Morning News ran a brief report earlier today in which it quoted Michael Irvin as follows:

    "I thought Dez made great strides this year on the football field,'' said Irvin, who stressed Bryant must continue to work on his craft and conditioning. "He has a lot of room to continue to grow, but he made great strides.

    "When Dez really locks it all in, understands it, Dez will be the best receiver in the NFL.''

    One of the peculiarities of being a Dallas Cowboys fan is that you constantly hear about how a player on your team, a coach, the stadium, the cheerleaders - really anybody and anything associated with the franchise - is overrated. This of course is the default setting for any non-Cowboys fan, and as such is so prevalent everywhere you go and everywhere you look that even some Cowboys fans have succumbed to this notion.

    Take Dez Bryant: Ask anybody but the most die-hard Cowboys fan about Bryant and the most common response you're likely to get is that he's overrated or possibly a disappointment, perhaps even a bust. Chances are, when you first read the headline to this post you probably thought anything from "Irvin is going out on a limb here" to "That's just crazy talk"...
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    Personally I believe it to be a true statement but with an added if to it and that is if he can fully dedicate himself to improve his route running luckily that is something you can learn you cant learn size, speed, heart, or physicality which he already has he just needs more time with Romo the WR coach and the playbook get his routes down and he'll be in that top tier of recievers and in the conversation for league best.

    Though keeping Romo on his feet more than his back would go a long way toward accomplishing that as well.
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    I agree with him. There's a reason he wears #88.

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    Irvin: "When Dez really locks it all in, understands it, Dez will be the best receiver in the NFL.''

    I do wonder about what Irvin really means exactly and specifcally.

    Locking what in? Understanding what exactly?

    How does one exactly "lock 'it' in"?

    I'm askingand wondering this sincerely.
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    I think this depends heavily on how much Romo trusts Dez, because I don't think there is a lot of trust there right now. I notice when any other QB is in the game they will just throw it up to Dez to give him a chance to make a play on it, and he usually does. But right now Romo will almost always look to Witten or Miles before Dez, just because of the trust factor. And down the stretch Robinson looked to surpass Dez on Romo's trust list.

    I think Dez is by far the best receiver/offensive playmaker on this team and I got frustrated that he wasn't involved more this season because I think we would have won a few more games had we rode him a bit, but as long as he's getting #3 or #4 option type looks he'll never put up the big numbers he's capable of. Romo needs to understand Dez is a beast, and sometimes you just have to feed the beast.
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    It was reported that he was fined quite a bit this year due to team violations. Most from being late. He fully hasn't grasped the fact that talent alone won't do it. Studying and extra time on the field makes you better. Being on time is a mindset. He needs to change his way of thinking and then he'll lock it all in and understand. That's just my opinion.
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    I'd like to see Irvin 'put his money where his mouth is' so to speak.

    I'd like to see him invest in what he believes in and to actually put some time into helping Dez become the player that Irvin believes he can be.

    Almost a mentor/protege relationship.

    I think it could/would be highly beneficial to both parties, and to our favorite football team as well.
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    When the Beast is where it's supposed to be often enough, it'll get fed. Not until. And that's the way it has to be.
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    If he works as hard as Irvin did, there's no doubt that he can be the best.
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    I have no doubt that Jerry will pay him like he is the best in the league. Doubt he becomes the best receiver in the game.
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    He will be the can book it.
    It's funny, but Tony only seems to trust him when he REALLY needs a big play. I realize the guy has work to do, but there is a little part of me who wonders if Romo plays to his bff's a little too much sometimes.
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    I don't know your post history on the topic, Oh_Canada, so this isn't directed at you, but the same people who complained so loudly about Romo's pics in prior seasons are the ones who want him to throw more to Dez.

    He throws to Dez when he's where he's supposed to be, or when plays break down because that's when Dez's spectacular talent gives him a huge advantage. But until Dez can be where he's supposed to be on every route, there's too much variability in his game--and the ball's way too important--to feed him more than we do. I'm just fine with Romo throwing the ball to the WRs he can count on being at the proper depths and making the adjustments he expects them to make. Let him work with Dez during the week to continue his improvement in that regard. When Dez gets there, he'll be unstoppable, but we don't need to give him practice reps when the games count.
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    I love the Playmaker....but he is one of the apologists for this franchise that makes statements like these to strenghten the argument that "talent is not the issue in Dallas"

    With Dallas, it always seems to be we have the "best" of someone...from pass rusher, TE, punter, kicker, young RB, pass rushing NT, WR corps, goes on and on. To all of this and EVERYONE who keeps attaching these lables on us......look at the scoreboard. That tells the REAL and COMPLETE story!

    Food for thought: Dez Bryant was drafted in the first round the SAME year Vicor Cruz went undrafted!
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    we are going on year two now of Irvin saying Dez will be best WR in football. Hey Mike....we'll take just running his routes correctly for now.
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    If he becomes mature, he will have full understanding of the playbook, great conditioning, and acting like a professional on and off the field.

    The guy is still only 23? He's still a kid, like me!
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    the playmaker is now my favorite all time cowboy

    emmitt is a close second

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    Romo is a great QB, but there are times when I think he has to trust his WR to come down with the ball. I see Eli, Drew and others put up balls downfield that I KNOW Tony wouldn't for whatever reason. Fear of INT or what have you, but he doesn't take many chances. We rarely get pass INT calls go our way because IMO Tony won't throw it unless he sees the WR is open and sometimes you just have to wing it and trust your guy will come down with it, or we'll get a flag.
  18. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Why do you doubt that?
  19. Oh_Canada

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    I understand you defending Romo- I do. He is a very good QB, no reason to get defensive about him question is why is it that against the Skins, Cards etc he seemed to go to him when he really needed a big play? Was Dez not doing the same things throughout the game? Did he suddenly run the "right" route with seconds left on the clock and the team needing a first down? People point to the Jets game and say look what happens when you force it to Dez....ahhhh well.....Dez was playing on one leg that night for almost three quarters. He seemed to be running pretty good routes in the first quarter when he lit the Jets up like a christmas tree.
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    The pick in the Jets game was a trap on the QB. It wasn't Dez's fault, and Romo was fooled into throwing into double coverage where Revis was safe to jump the underneath.

    And I'm not defending Romo. I'm saying it's too risky for *any* QB to throw it if he's not sure where the WR is really going to go. This is what Tony was talking about early in the year when he was asked about how he cut down his mistakes. He said he made a decision to stop compounding someone else's mistakes with a mistake of his own.

    The Skins game was a perfect example of Dez at his best. That big play was on the back end of a scramble, and Romo was able to motion Dez and lead him into a wide open hole in the middle of the field. Dez is almost impossible to stop in a situation like that. But it's not the result of a route, and the adjustment Dez and Tony made on the fly was what got him open when we needed it. It was a great play.

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