BTB:NFL Draft 2013: Should Cowboys Resist Making Draft-Day Trades?

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    Mike Carter-US PRESSWIRE
    Conventional wisdom holds that teams should trust their draft board and take the best talent that slides into their lap. At the same time, moving back a few spots could net you extra picks with which to address holes in your roster. What to do?

    Over the last 24 drafts, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have engineered 62 trades involving draft picks. Some of those trades, like the franchise-defining Hershel Walker trade in 1989, were hugely successful, while others like the acquisition of wide receiver Roy Williams were unmitigated disasters.

    The Cowboys have been involved in draft day trades in 22 of their 24 drafts under Jerry Jones, which has many fans thinking of slipping the entire Cowboys war room some Adderall to keep Mr. Cantkeepstillski and his men from moving around in the draft. The only two years in which the Cowboys managed to keep their feet still on draft weekend were 2000 and 2011. Not since 1990-1992 have the Cowboys had three consecutive drafts in which they made at least one first round pick and at least one second round pick. Think about that for a minute.

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