BTB Talks With Draftek, Post-Draft Edition: Part I, The "Big Uglies"

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, May 12, 2011.

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    Before the draft, I had the pleasure to engage in an extended discussion about the prospects with one of Drafttek's resident scouting experts, Longball who, as a Cowboys fan and a loyal BTB member, was uniquely positioned for such an endeavor. Unfortunately, he made the regrettable decision to move during the draft, so we haven't had a chance to check in to see what he thought of Dallas' haul and various other draft-like goings-on until very recently. Now that he is hooked up to the world wide web again, Longball can share his seasoned scouting acumen with us. This is particularly relevant given the fact that he specializes in offensive line play and the Cowboys drafted three linemen, who many in Cowboys Nation hope will rejuvenate what has been a moribund O-line of late.

    We enjoyed a fairly lengthy conversation, so I've broken it down into two parts. Here, in part one, we discuss the draft picks, focusing on the three offensive linemen--Tyron Smith, David Arkin and Bill Nagy--drafted by the Cowboys. In part two, our discussion turns to the potential philosophical ramifications of those choices for Jason Garrett's offense.

    Without further ado, lets see what Longball has to say--after the jump...

    BTB: I’d love to get things started by hearing what you thought of the Cowboys draft generally?
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    That was just a ridiculous accusation on Goose.
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    What's crazy bat Goose putting together a top 100 list based on players that will be drafted in the top 100? He's not a scout, do people really think Brewster was one of the 100 best talents in the draft because he was on Goose's list?
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    Nah. Goose isn't a scout. He gets his info from talking to team sources, the Cowboys included.
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    He was accusing Goose of just putting Arkin in his top 100 because the Cowboys told him. So that way, they don't get called out for reaching and he gets a correct pick. Again that is ludicris. Goose gets info on all the players from multiple gms and scouts and that's how they make his top 100. He doesn't put a player in on the basis of one team or person.

    And there are others who think Arkin will end up being a steal like Trent Dilfer and Bryan Broaddus.
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    It's even a more questionable accusation given that he didn't get the pick correct. Arkin was selected at pick 110.
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    I'm with speedkilz on this. As much as Goose trashes the Cowboys and seems clueless as to what they're doing, I doubt he has any better contacts with the Cowboys than with anyone else -- and actually, I suspect they're worse.

    I don't know why everyone (or some) uses Brewster as an example on this. Why is it so hard to imagine that other teams had him about where we did, and he just didn't work out? People act like third rounders are guarantees and we're the only ones who ever miss on them.
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    Also on Brewster, when they took him it was known he's a raw developmental type pick that needed to reshape his body. He's only been with the Cowboys for two years and the first one was wiped out by a bicep injury. There just hasn't been any chance for him to develop. Also, most teams thought he needed to move to OG and that hasn't even happened yet.

    The Giants took a similar development guy this year in James Brewer (4th rnd). Though that guy is in better condition and a better athlete, but still very raw.

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