BTB: Tony Romo's Slump: Film Don't Lie

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Nov 14, 2013.

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    SNAFU is what it is.
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    I use to think that but don't anymore. He cannot play well enough to make up for this awful defense.
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    I've reviewed the all-22 and my comments are:

    1. I sure like the Saints offensive design over the Cowboys offensive design
    2. Brees played out of his mind and was certainly better than Romo in this game which is no shame for Romo.
    3. With the caveat that it is sometimes hard to know what the progression is for a QB (i.e. just because a guy is open doesn't mean that Romo is looking for that guy) Romo was not great in this game. I would question some of the reads and there is no doubt that he missed a few throws:

    The throw to Beasley on 3rd and two, Beasley is open for a nice gain. Romo throws it behind (or late) and gives the DB a chance to knock it away.

    The deep throw to Dez was a missed opportunity.

    The throw to Witten almost picked off looked like a missed read.

    I think for Romo it's two things: 1) sometimes the protection is not good and he has to make something out of nothing; 2) sometimes the protection is good or at least ok, but Romo does not trust the protection.

    I think for us to have success we need to have balance with a legit running game and some playaction off of it. Romo is good working the ball down the field when he can survey the field, but I think having him throw it down after down is not necessarily the best thing. The defense can tee off on him and either the protection breaks or Romo doesn't trust it will hold up. The running game takes some pressure off of the offensive line. We had a pretty good running game going the other night. The only problem is that our defense could not stop anyone, so we couldn't utilize the ground effort.
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    I wish they would move Romo out the pocket by design for one... These clowns are just incompetent...
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    who cares about the stick together crowds, what he did highlight is that there ARE wide open guys and romo is missing them(i am a big fan of his btw). It is quite troubling to me that he seems LOCKED onto guys instead of progressing his reads.
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    The only problem I have with "still picture shots" is that you cannot definitive tell what is going on in a certain play,,,just a picture of a play.

    A play only last seconds, and a picture is worth a thousand words because anyone can draw their own conclusion without knowing the dynamic of the play itself. Until someone can read the mind of what is actually happening during a play, what was trying to be accomplished by the play call itself, and what was happening at "football speed"...I cannot give much credence to a 20/20 picture.
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    Is this thread even about the defense. Like i told the other guy; people have been defending Romo so long and so hard they defend the guy even when the criticism is warranted. This thread has nothing to do with the awful defense that was played on sunday, so what the point in bringing it up? Its ridiculously annoying how far people o to defend one guy.
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    Im assuming the vast majority of fans who defend Romo till their red in the face are young fans who grew up with the crap QB's after Aikman.
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    It's also stupid how some don't know the dynamic of a football game. But, I will leave it at that and let you guys bash on.

    Romo at this point in time is PART of the problem, but he is not the sole problem on this team like you and other wish he was. IMO, if Romo had a top defense that he could count on, he would not make the mistakes he makes.

    And, the coaches have something to do with that too.

    But, carry on with the hate, bro! I just love reading the logic in your posts.
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    Oh please stop it with the "dynamic of a Football game" crap.

    The funny thing is, if you actually read what i wrote you'd see i said the coaches are to blame as is Romo.

    Its Ridiculous
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    Learn the game, dog!
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    Like I said bro. Some of you will defend Romo no matter what. Romo played like crap as did the entire offense. you can not separate Romo from the offensive struggles. No matter how hard you try, it cant be done, it goes hand and hand.

    Dont tell some one to "learn football" when you cant even understand that.
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  13. Ender

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    This is borderline clownish. You can not say that the offensive struggles arent new, but then say part of the reasons the offense is struggling has nothing to do with Romo. Youre argument would be credible if Romo left, and by some miracle Drew Brees was the Qb, and we still had the same struggling offense. Romo and the offense are one in the same. Theres no reason to get all metaphysical about where the problem lies within the offense when the answer is all of thee above.
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    and proceeded to outplay Romo, making throws Romo cannot.
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    That is why Jerra need to give up Ware and Murray to trade up and get manziel or that QB from Baylor. (The Texas connection)
    Yes, some off you will half heart attacks about the mention of Ware in a trade but you need to give something of value to get value.
    Listen, if we draft a QB in the 1st round next year it won't be as if he will push Romo to the sidelines. The new QB willl take at least 2 years to learn and grow. So you Romo lovers can enjoy his picks and off-balance thowing and choking for at least 2 years before he and Witten retire and buy a Spam hamburger franchise in Hawaii.

  16. Corso

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    I hate Romo debates.

    Too many variables. All I know is the team is not winning consistently.

    The defense is to blame, the offense is to blame. Even though Romo has his warts, I cannot focus on just him when there are so many other holes leaking.

    Unless the players coming back truly make a difference, or the coaches understand what they're doing wrong and make adjustments that work:

    This team is what it is and will be for some time. I'm still going to root for 'em, but anything that produces a playoff win and beyond will pleasantly shock me.

    They don't have the talent on the field to overcome almost any adversity- whether it's from their opponents or from within.
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    Right...the Cowboys do need to find a replacement for Romo.

    You are going to get so many "likes" for this post.

    Especially the "Romo lovers" part!
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    This is one of the best posts that I have read in a long time!

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    Aikman was a crap QB his last four season.
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    If we're lucky, tony will retire as our backup.

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