News: BTB: Who Will Make The Cowboys Practice Squad?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Aug 31, 2012.

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    Who Will Make The Cowboys Practice Squad?
    by Tom Ryle

    While the deadline for NFL teams to make the cut to the final 53 is 9 pm Eastern time, the Dallas Cowboys apparently were eager to get the pain over with. Although the official announcements will not be made until Friday, players were apparently being notified of their status on Thursday, with at least one report that 21 of the 22 required cuts had already received word from the Turk (who is now digital, apparently).

    Several of the players have contacted the media or tweeted a farewell message. KD did a summary of the players that can reliably be reported to have had their iPads taken away from them. However, one caveat is that none of this is confirmed at the moment. And some things are a bit confused. For instance, Ian Rappaport has tweeted that Stephen McGee will make the team, while there is also a report that 105.3 The Fan, the flagship station of the Cowboys Radio Network, is claiming that McGee is going to be cut. So some of the names discussed here might be in error, but this is the best information we have until the official word is handed down...
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    Here's the actual list:

    Danny Coale - The team would really like to keep the fifth-rounder to see if he can develop. Also great insurance for later if a WR goes out during the season.

    Rudy Carpenter - I think Jason Garrett just needs the security of knowing he has a plan A, B, 3, IV, and Code Red all in place for the quarterback position. Otherwise, I don't get the reports of McGee making the team. At all.

    Adrian Hamilton - Didn't make the team because he is one-dimensional. That one dimension, rushing the passer, is a good one to build on. Round him out, and he will be one of the top contenders next year.

    Orie Lemon - Showed some real flash, just not enough.

    Ron Leary - It looks like the team will be a little light on the O line, and they need to have someone stashed here just in case. Could be at risk of missing out depending on who the Cowboys might find on the waiver wire, since he seemed to stall after a fast start.

    Ben Bass - A real surprise in camp. The team can groom him to become the replacement for Kenyon Coleman or Marcus Spears.

    Harland Gunn - Get as many possibilities for the O line as you can.

    Saalim Hakim - A project, but you cannot coach speed. And he should be a good workout for the secondary in practice.
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    Which of these is most likely to be claimed by another team? I would say Coale then Lemon.

    Is it true that if claimed, the claiming team has to put them on the 53?
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    I think with the acquisition of Cook you can also add Arkin to the PS list.
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    No you can not he would be snatched up easy as pie. A young raw talented player that flashed skill yea that would be stupid.

    The Texans, Miami, Vikings, Giants and a several others would snatch him up before you could say wavier wire
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    I don't think you can. I'd rather keep Arkin than Dockery. I got Arkin and Cook as my backup center/guards.
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    Agree. Although I had a arguement on twitter with ESPN MacMahon earlier today, who has already labeled Arkin "another Cowboys mid-round O-line bust".

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