Bucs Gradkowski alleged point shaving

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    Bucs QB's name linked to probe
    FOXSports.com, Updated 5 hours ago

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Bruce Gradkowski's name has surfaced during a federal points-shaving investigation at the University of Toledo, according to a report.

    Gradkowski and several Toledo teammates knew the Detroit-area gambler at the center of the investigation, the Toledo Blade reported Thursday, but the quarterback said he had never heard of any point-shaving schemes while in college.

    The FBI charged Toledo student Harvey "Scooter" McDougle, 22, of Detroit in March with conspiring with Ghazi "Gary" Manni, 50, of Sterling Heights, Mich., to fix Rockets football and basketball games from 2003 to 2006. The charges were dropped in April, but sources say the investigation is ongoing.

    "I'm not sure who all knows [Manni] or how that got about, but one thing I do know is there's a solid program at Toledo," Gradkowski told the newspaper. "I don't care how many people know this guy, it's a solid program still. And in my mind, there [was] never anything going wrong at Toledo."

    Gradkowski said he didn't recall how he met Manni or know that the acquaintance frequently gambled on sports.

    "You meet someone and you don't have a clue who he is and you get to know him before you know anything else," the quarterback said.

    The FBI alleged that McDougle bet on a football game, engaged in point-shaving and recruited players to fix the outcomes of football and basketball games. In exchange, the complaint alleged, the players received cash and gifts. McDougle, who was the only person charged, has maintained his innocence.

    Dawn Clenney, an FBI spokesman, told the paper that more charges could be filed.

    No Toledo athletes were named by the FBI as participants in the alleged scheme, but Gradkowski's name has been mentioned by people close to Manni and McDougle. Gradkowski's father denied allegations that his son was the anonymous player mentioned in the FBI affidavit as being offered up to $10,000 by Manni to sit out games
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    This could get interesting. The way the NFL and Goodell is about gambling, this guy could be halfway out the door already.
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    How'd he get in the door, is my question.

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