Buyer Beware: Luke Kuechly

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Mar 3, 2012.

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    Buyer beware for the team that drafts the stud linebacker out of Boston College, Luke Kuechly in this April’s NFL Draft.

    After tallying 532 career tackles after just 3 years of college football, Kuechly was already a top prospect before his good showing at the NFL scouting combine, running a 4.58 forty yard dash. However, over the years, the value associated with drafting inside linebackers early has diminished.

    Over the last few years, outside, pass rushing linebackers have been a must have on draft day, going early and often in drafts, as evidenced last year by both Von Miller and Aldon Smith getting drafted in the top 10.

    However, if you look as recent as the 2009 NFL Draft, Aaron Curry was considered the “safest pick” in the draft, getting selected 4th overall, and only surviving 2 seasons on Seattle‘s roster. Was Curry a bust? Or did Curry simply not produce accordingly with that big contract he received being drafted 4th overall? Who did Seattle have playing defensive line for them back in 2009? Red Bryant was on that roster, but he had not yet emerged as a dominant player.
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    Interesting article, although in any teams case including ours, its more about only buy Luke if you got the DL in front of him to support him, not that he is a bad player.

    Wonder how good Lee and especially Carter could be if we improved our DL....
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    I'm having a hard time finding the logic in this.

    So beware buyer because Aaron Curry didn't pan out in Seattle?
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    So buyer beware on one of the most productive players in the country, who also tested well at the combine, because some other inside linebackers didn't live up to expectations when playing behind poor DLines? What's the point in this? It appears to me that he's going to be a solid pro. Will he put up better numbers if he has a DLine that keeps people off him? Of course. That doesn't change how good a player he is.
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    I guess the point is there haven't been any busts at other positions, so buyer beware.
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    Aaron Maybin

    Vernon Gholston
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    All these guys are the pass rushing LBs he's talking about. What about all the ILBs taken high? I bet they fared better.

    The buyer beware here is actually opposite of what the articles title cautions.
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    Part of the problem with Aaron Curry was the fact the Seahawks tried to make him into a passrusher. He actually played pretty darn good for the Raiders last season. He was very active and productive.
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    A lot of people in here appear to be missing the point. It's buyer beware because Kuechly is the kind of player that relies on having big guys up front to soak up blocks and keep him clean so that he can flow to the ball and make plays. If you don't have the guys upfront to keep blockers off of him, don't waste a pick on Kuechly, or so the argument goes. It's not a ridiculous argument either.
  11. realtick

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    Does Boston College have some insanely abnormally large defensive players upfront for him? I seriously doubt that BC's defensive line is anywhere near as large as any typical NFL team he goes to.
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    So, even if we go with what you say, that means unless Kuechly can come in right away and hit the ground running, don't draft him. The future be damned. You cannot acquire more players to build around him.

    I'm all for constructive criticism but I found this piece completely lacking in any logic. I don't get the connection to Aaron Curry and why that's supposed to mean something and give anyone pause on Kuechly.
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    Yeah, the article comes from an weird prospective, or what I called interesting lol, cause when you first read it you think they are dogging Luke by saying 'buyer beware'.

    Really its more about having a support system there so he can play ball. Now, we can't say Lee had the best support system last year, but he still performed well, and I believe Luke can equal that.

    With that the case, if Luke could do that well, it does put the author's theory in question. I figure all he was trying to say was DL help an ILB, even though everyone knows that and he came up with a weird way to say it.
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    Buyer beware Andrew Luck because Jamarcus Russell sucked.
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    With the new collective bargaining agreement, comparing the Kuechley situation to the Curry situation is moot.

    With the lack of astronomical contracts given to rookies, the risk is more of a draft position risk than a salary cap implication.

    That's the angle that's missing the mark in the posted theory.
  16. Deep_Freeze

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    Great point.

    Before the changes, not only did missing on a draft pick look bad cause you took him so high, it also destroyed your salary cap situation which was the bigger part of the equation.

    Now, with the new CBA, taking a risk doesn't have as bad of implications at all as it did in the past. Now Kuechley is probably the lowest risk defensively in the draft, but this same theory holds true for other draft picks, a more risky pick doesn't destroy your team talentwise AND financially anymore like in the past.
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    this Luke kid is my pet cat so if you don't mine my indulgance....I seen him play 3 times this year and posted my OOh's and AAh's about him than... best defensive player I have seen all year did it all and did it well even when a guard or center was on with that said...the job of a DT in a 4-3 is to keep the MLB clean..isn't it... atleast that is what Tom Landry said and he invented the freaken buyer beware of drafting a great QB if his WR's don't catch the ball...<--- that last statement makes about as much sense as the article did imho.

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