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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by tko112204, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. tko112204

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    Currently have a sorta crappy 42" Apex. The HDMI ports no longer play audio, so it needs to go.

    Where is the best place online to buy a TV? I bought this one without doing much research, so I want to do a better job this time.

    Also, would it be better to buy now, with Christmas sales? Or after Christmas to hope for better sales?

    For reference, I could go up to 50" or so, and I would like to stay under $800.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Dallas

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    $800.00 hmmmm

    I would buy this for a smidge more $$.

    Panasonic TC-P50GT50 50-Inch 1080p 600Hz Full HD 3D Plasma TV

    Built in Wi-Fi
  3. tko112204

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  4. a_minimalist

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    I just got this for my room two days ago...

    46 inch and I got it at the Black Friday price for $799. Right now it's $897 and a few days ago it was up to $1,029 on Amazon.

    It's real thin, has good reviews, has a CMR of 240 and it's LED. Not too fancy and definitely not cheap. Plus, if you're into Smart TV's it has that function as well. So you can access the internet and Netflix, Pandora, blah blah blah.
  5. Diogenes

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  6. a_minimalist

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    Yeah they are. I had a Samsung before this one which had been great. I just wanted an LED and something much bigger. I had a 26"(i think) LCD. They're good about fixing TV's should something go wrong too.
  7. 67CowboysFan

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  8. tomson75

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    They are.

    ...but don't be surprised if some of the lesser brands would satisfy your needs nicely.

    I bought a 42" Insignia (made by Samsung with Sony,Samsung,and some other lesser quality parts) about 6 months ago, and I've been very happy.....particularly since I only paid $400 for it at Best Buy. I'd buy the 50" insignia without thinking twice.
  9. tomson75

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    They do, but their customer service and return policies are as bad as it gets. Be careful.
  10. dexternjack

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    I have one of those and never had a problem with it. If it is a bit too much for him, can always go with the non-3D TV, that is about $300 less, give or take.

    Found it, quite less actually.
  11. Chocolate Lab

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    This is quite a bit under that, but I recently replaced a 42" Panny plasma that I really liked with a 47" LG LED. It was on clearance at Sams Club for 579, a pretty great deal.

    They have one now for that same price with a tiny bit smaller feature set (no network connectivity and maybe one less component input, I think):

    (And edit, it looks like it's even less than that now.)

    I've been really happy with it after not liking the look of a lot of LCD sets before. LG is only a tiny tick behind Sony and Samsung, if that.

    I'd also keep an eye on Best Buy. Their regular prices aren't anything to write home about, but they rotate sales every week and routinely discount prices two or three hundred dollars down to really good prices.
  12. JonJon

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    Is it true that the plasma in plasma TV's burn out after a while?
  13. kristie

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    i have a 40" sony bravia flatscreen that my husband & i got on sale at target earlier this year. works great. :)
  14. Sam I Am

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    Best Buy had a Black Friday special for a 55" Samsung LED TV for $799. We picked one up to replace an old 46" DLP. They said the TV was just for Black Friday though so they may not have it anymore.
  15. Sam I Am

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    Plasma's used to be more expensive, but their price has fallen due to their life span isn't anywhere near as long as LCDs and LEDs. I would recommend not going with Plasma for that reason unless you replace your TV every couple of years.
  16. Joe Rod

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    They are selling a 50 inch LG 1080P LED with 2 HDMI inputs at Wally World for 700.00 (It states 799.99 with the price slashed out online, but runs 700.00 when you check out). They also have a 47 inch LG 3D LED with 3 HDMI inputs for 600.00 (699.99 with the slash through it). Free shipping and if you hate dealing with the factory for issues you can warrant them for 3 years at 69.00.

    I just bought one for my mom-in-law so I had that info on hand.

    I would also add that, with as fast as technology is going today, I would probably skip the smart TV (getting a minimum 120hz for pic quality) and grab a Wi-fi enabled Blu-ray since they are cheaper to replace when the next best thing comes out.
  17. Mash

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    I would highly recommend a panasonic plasma.....the ST50 is the best bang for the buck.

    If you plan on watching TV without much light or sunlight coming thru the windows then the UT50 would be great also....

    It all depends what you will use the TV for.

    But if you want picture quality...then you cant beat a plasma....especially this years 50 models made by panasonic

    Plasma's dont burn out.....their life span is like over 100,000 hrs...

    The only concern really is image retention.....and that will happen in the first few hundred hrs or you just have to be carefull for awhile about leaving static images on the TV earlier on.

    Note...Image retention is not Image burn....

    But then again....if you like the bright image of the LED\LCD.....they are nice too. For me personally....I cant stand the soap opera effect.....motion blur...etc that these TV's suffer from.

    Happy hunting.....Dec is the best month to buy a TV....New models will be hitting the CES soon so big chain stores need to move the 2012 models.

    In the next few years....once OLED drop in price...and fixes some of the issues they have.....they will take the market over...

    JMHO of course

    If your a TV junkie and like to research this stuff....I recommend going over to
    AVS forums or HD Junkie .....2 great sites with loads of info
  18. ChldsPlay

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    Plasma has that too. Samsung at least has the option to turn it off in some of their TVs, not sure about other brands.

    Plasma also has horizontal banding that LCD/LED doesn't have. Which for me is the one thing I hate about my current TV, and will eliminate Plasma as an option in the future.
  19. Doomsday101

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    My girl friend just bought a 52" Vizio LCD for $670.00, She was going to wait until after Christmas but once we saw the price she went ahead and got it. Great picture and sound
  20. JonJon

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