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    Early 30

    Here are the Top 30 NFL draft prospects for 2010, with Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy among four Sooners in the Top 10 and maybe set to be the first defensive player taken.

    By Jason Horton, senior draft writer
    Updated: May 13, 2009
    It's never too early to look ahead to next year's draft. Several players probably would have found themselves in the top 10 this year (Taylor Mays, Sam Bradford) but elected to stay in college. Not only will their pocketbooks be enhanced by that decision, the NFL teams lucky enough to draft them will benefit greatly.

    Next year will be another "Year of the Quarterback" with three highly touted QBs coming into the draft. Texas' Colt McCoy, Oklahoma's Bradford and Florida's Tim Tebow. There are questions as to whether Tebow can translate his talents to the NFL, at least as a quarterback. Nobody questions his athletic ability, but Florida's spread offense has several NFL scouts worried. Bradford has all the tools, and McCoy tends to have a "run-first" mentality, but both should be drafted extremely high.

    Here's a look at the top 30 prospects heading into 2010.

    1. Taylor Mays, S, USC: Mays passed up millions to stay at USC, citing his love for college as one of the main reasons. It's hard to argue his point, given that USC is basically L.A.'s NFL team. All the glitz and glamour of USC aside, Mays can flat-out play. He hits like a freight train, covers decent and plays the run as well as any safety coming out in the past decade. However, NFL teams just don't take safeties No. 1 overall.

    2. Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma: Bradford made the right decision to go back to Oklahoma for another year (he doesn't have to play with the Lions) and could be the No. 1 overall pick next year.

    3. Greg Hardy, DE, Mississippi: Hardy has all the tools: 6-foot-4, 265 pounds and runs a 4.7 40-yard dash. His size and speed are perfect for the NFL. The only con is his durability.

    4. Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma: At 6-4, 295 NFL scouts are salivating over McCoy's NFL future. Run-stuffing defensive tackles are hard to find, and McCoy will hear his named called early in 2010 – maybe first.

    5. Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State: The 6-5, 300-pounder will be a top 10 pick in 2010. He is one of those rare tackles who excels in both pass protection and run blocking.

    6. Colt McCoy, QB, Texas: McCoy has the intangibles NFL teams want. He has size (6-3, 216), good arm strength and leadership. The question remains: Can he excel as a pocket passer?

    7. Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma: Gresham is a freakishly good athlete and plays tight end like a receiver. Think a younger Tony Gonzalez.

    8. Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska: His 2008 season was not a fluke and 2009 will elevate him to elite status. Suh is a phenomenal athlete.

    9. Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma: You seeing a theme here? Oklahoma is loaded. Williams is big (6-5, 308) and versatile. This past draft may have been offensive line loaded, but 2010 won't be too bad, either.

    10. Eric Berry, S, Tennessee: A former high school QB, Berry is a gifted athlete, and at 6-0, 195 pounds with 4.3 speed he may find his way to corner in the NFL. This is a kid who will simply make plays at the next level.

    11. Mark Herzlich, OLB, Boston College: Linebackers like Herzlich are becoming more and more valuable to NFL teams. He can play outside or be a down rusher in a 4-3 scheme.

    12. Terrence Cody, DT, Alabama: Cody is a massive man (6-4, 365) and will be a perfect nose guard for a 3-4 scheme.

    13. Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida: Dunlap is a great pass rusher, and at 6-6, 286 will be a load to block coming off the end.

    14. Joe Haden, CB, Florida: Not a banner year for top-end corners, but Haden right now is at the top of the list.

    15. Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa: Bulaga is NFL-ready now, and at 6-6, 304 will start immediately for someone.

    16. Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas: Kindle goes sideline-to-sideline as well as any player coming out next year.

    17. Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois: Benn has the tools (6-2, 214) and the productivity (67 receptions, 1055 yards and 10 TDs) to be a legit No. 1 WR in the NFL.

    18. Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida: Had he came out this year, he probably would have been a first-round or, at the very least, a first-day pick. Spikes is 6-3, 245 and is a legit middle linebacker prospect. He won't play outside, so a team will have to have a need, which could drop him a little in the first round, but it won't be too far.

    19. Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State: His 2008 stats are eye-popping . 87 receptions, 1,480 yards and 19 TDs. The 6-2, 210-pounder will make some team extremely happy.

    20. Marvin Austin, DT, North Carolina: Good DTs are hard to find and Austin is just that. At 6-3, 305, he already has an NFL-ready body.

    21. Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech: Dwyer has the potential to be a featured back, something rare in today's RBBC (running back by committee) league.

    22. Corey Wooten, DE, Northwestern: Had he not injured his knee late in the season last year, he might have been a first-round pick in April's draft.

    23. Jevan Snead, QB, Mississippi: Snead's progression as an NFL prospect has skyrocketed. If he continues that maturation this year, he'll be a first-round pick in 2010.

    24. Ciron Black, OT, LSU: Black is a powerful tackle who could play right away for the right team.

    25. Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky: An amazing athlete who could be a very good corner in the NFL. Needs to show more discipline on the field, however.

    26. Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri: He's a bit undersized (6-1, 235) for an OLB in the NFL, someone will be rewarded.

    27. Damian Williams, WR, USC: In a receiver-light draft, Williams could sneak into the first round if he continues to explode like 2008. He had 58 receptions last season. 18 for TDs.

    28. Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama: McClain is a versatile linebacker who possesses good strength and speed and will be able to help teams on defense and special teams.

    29. DeMarcus Granger, DT, Oklahoma: He was hurt much of 2008 but could be perfect in a 3-4 defense.

    30. Geno Atkins, DT, Georgia: Nobody questions Atkins' production on the field, but his 6-1, 287-pound frame will cause some teams to shy away.
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    Future is in doubt, heard on the news this week he has some form of cancer and had left school to return home. Hope for the best for him.
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    your right he does have cancer at least that is what I read. They found it in his leg.
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    Oklahoma is stacked.

    Sheesh, looks like one of those 90s drafts with most of the players in round 1 from Miami.
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    Ya they did. Ewings Sarcoma, I think it was called. I wish him well and hope he can overcome it. I know whats its like to have a child with cancer
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    Eric Berry should be rated higher.

    That kid is an amazing talent.
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    I hope all is well.
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    Terrance Cody please. Thank you.
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    word. I'd like to trade up and try to get Spikes since we will probably not draft Cody like a bunch of idiots.
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    give me Dez Bryant
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    Ehhh let's see how Jason Williams works out. I was down to draft Spikes this year but he went back to college. He will be a BEAST though. Terrance Cody doin work at NT will make all the difference. I'm glad there's Granger and McCoy also, but Cody is Ron Brace with a motor. lol
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    he's Ron Brace, but with certifiable talent
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    And they'll still lose a bowl game this year.
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    Brace gets pick 40th overall by the Patriots and yet you continue to infer he doesn't have talent? Hard time letting go of an agenda? :)
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    And just think, that team is going to lose to Texas again this year. :p:
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    ah, screw that fat bastid
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    apparently your becoming a fat bastid too:D
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    watch it, pal
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    :laugh2: hey man you're a cool dude. i come to this site and I just have tons of fun when you're on.
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    yes, I am really, really, really cool


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