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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 4, 2013.

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    don't know what happened, if somebody can fix this for me:
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    Who is Caesar Rayford?
    Some of you may have the same question rolling around in your football mind as I do: Who is Caesar Rayford, and [IMG]where did he come from? Here is this “nobody” the Colts signed in May, most likely to be a camp body right? Well, here we all sit watching preseason Colts football and this guy is making plays and sacking quarterbacks like he is a 10 year veteran. In the three short weeks of preseason so far, Rayford has made himself, in Coach Pagano’s words, necessary. That doesn’t answer my question, though. Who is he, and where did he come from? Well, here is some insight on the Colts 2013 version of Jerrell Freeman; Caesar Rayford.
    Rayford is from Spanaway, Washington, a small town just south of Seattle. He committed to the University of Washington to play defensive end. Throughout his college career though, he didn’t see much action. Rayford wasn’t someone who stood out to people. He played special teams mostly and would get in the game during key situations where a pass rush was needed. In 2007 he had his best season statistically. He recorded just ten tackles in 13 games with only 4 sacks- nothing too outrageous. After his college career, Rayford entered the NFL draft and went undrafted.
    [IMG]Caesar was able to pick up a professional career in the CFL by signing with the B.C. Lions. He was only a practice squad player. He hung on that roster until the next season right before the end of training camp and was cut loose. Rayford was then picked up by the Spokane Shock, an AFL team, which lasted one season. Rayford then took his talents to Utah where he signed up with the Utah Blaze, another AFL team. It was in Utah where he began to hone his skills. In his first season with Utah, Rayford amassed 17 tackles, 6 sacks and two interceptions in which he took to the house. In 2011, he was named to the first team All-Arena when he got 31 tackles and 10 sacks. In 2012, Rayford was a part of the “Sack Lake City” for the Utah Blaze. They were dubbed this for the amount of pressure and the amount of sacks that the defensive had. Rayford himself turned in a performance of 3.5 sacks in one game.
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    I have the preseason package from I pulled up the games that he played.

    It's obvious why despite his success as a pass rusher, that they traded him. The Colts are running a 3-4 defense and he didn't appear to have any ability to drop into coverage. Even with more training, it's doubtful that he would be good in that area due to his body type. Also, he is much better rushing with his hand on the ground like a DE than from a 2-point stance like a 3-4 OLB.

    He appeared to be good against the run also. This is significant because Selvie was terrible against the run during the preseason, IMO.

    As a pass rusher, he has decent quickness, but his success primarily comes from using his length and power to get around OLinemen. In addition to being 6-7, he also has very long arms.

    He is a similar type player to Marinelli's previous Strong-Side DE with the Bears, Corey Wootton.
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    Good stuff, Joe.
    Pretty impressive that he did that all in ~16 minutes of game time in one preseason game.
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    He passes the eye test and is definetely worth looking at.
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    Im excited about this guy
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    here is some more guys and ladies
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    Honestly, I'm surprised that a lot more 4-3 teams weren't lining up for him. If nothing else, he looks like a situational pass rusher. Very fast, like an Aldon Smith style of game (not as good, just similar approach).

    He doesn't work in a 3-4 though.
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    First thing that I thought of also. Glad he is here and really hope he looks good.
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    Well, this is why Marinelli is here.
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    I disagree with you on Selvie. Run stopping was considered a strength when we brought him in, and I saw no real issues with it in the preseason. He fought off his man well to clog his lane and hit some backs in the backfield.

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