Calico's Video Ready for Download

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by TheHustler, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Dyluke

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    Speaking of music, what songs did you use for all the video clips?
  2. JDSmith

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    How long are the songs? I'm still trying to find a song for my Witten video.
  3. JDSmith

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    I think one of the songs might be the theme song for Last of the Mohicans.
  4. jbsg02

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    Awesome vid, Julius looks soo quick and has great moves.

    Along with T-Ham, where was Eddie George?? and Sherman Williams??
  5. SuspectCorner

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    i was definitely impressed by Julius' quicks and maneuverability. his "top end speed" looks fairly ordinary for a back. but his acceleration and niftiness are outta this world.

    great job Calico! your score was pretty dramatic, too.
  6. JDSmith

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    I agree, he's not the fastest guy in the world at the top end. You don't see him pulling away from defensive backs. But his quickness is outstanding. He's got a phenominal burst that makes small seams seem like huge holes. He can break a run outside and get back to full speed so quickly that he can easily turn a loss into a big gain. On some of those plays he simply made something out of nothing with his incredibly change of direction and acceleration. On a lot of the clips you see him avoid first (and sometimes second) contact 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage and still end up getting 5 or more yards on the run.
  7. trickblue

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    I feel your pain Cal... I worked in the a/v business for 7 years... I hated getting stuck in the editing suite with those 3/4" machines... jog forward... jog back... listen to them fast forward and rewind... edit edit edit... stick another tape in... I need a clip in the middle of this tape... blah blah blah...

    Those were the days... :D
  8. bbgun

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    Most are 2-3 minutes in length.
  9. inevadropit

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    incredible video

    jjs part gave me goosebumps, he's amazing

    what was the song for his part?
  10. HeHateMe

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  11. bouttime

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    Absolutely outstanding!!
  12. EndGame

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    Wow .. that is awesome. Thanks so much for putting that together. That's a keeper.
  13. calico

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    I have thought about buying some of the classic NFL music CDs. I love buying soundtracks from movies because they usually make this process soo much easier.

    For the Thomas/Dorsett scene, I used "Ronin" from the Last Samurai Soundtrack.
    For the Walker scene, I used "Arriving In Deadwood" from the Deadwood Soundtrack.
    For the Smith scene, I used "The Might of Rome" from the Gladiator Soundtrack.

    And for Jones...I have no idea. I have asked around and tried to find out. I stumbled upon the song from a Longhorn highlight video last year. I ripped it as an mp3 and put it in my library. I knew it was perfect when I heard it. I am still trying to find a full version.
  14. Seven

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    I cannot thank you enough. What do I owe ya?
  15. SteveOS

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    Great clip!! Awesome job Calico!! I've watched it now 4 times in a row. :)
  16. Chago

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    One of the best videos I've seen created.
  17. ljs44

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    Finally got it to download! Well worth it!!

    GREAT JOB Calico!!!!!
  18. calico

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    alright, this Redskins video will take me a while. I want it to be 7-10 mins long and I first have to start capturing and ripping the video. I will start that next week. I will keep you all informed on the process.
  19. mperfection

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    Calico, I don't even know who you are...but it is GREAT to know you are a Cowboys' fan! Keep 'em comin. I'd love to have some old Cowboys' games. Can you PM me and provide info on how I can get some of your clips??
  20. dstew60105

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    Couldn't agree more. Seeing that reminds you of all the great backs Dallas has had over the years. JJ looks like a combo of Emmitt and Tony.

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