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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Biggems, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Biggems

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    white pizza RULES

    love the combination of cheese, spinach, and garlic on a thin crust.....quite yummy.
  2. Duane

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    Great for a frozen pizza but I have to eat the whole thing at one sitting to get full.
  3. Signals

    Signals Suspicious looking stranger

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    We had a CPK here in Addison, Tx for a number of years. They finally went out of business. Don't know if it's because they sucked, or they had a bad location or bad management. I dinned there couple of times... not impressed. I'd rather eat a Wal-mart brand pizza before a CPK.

    Good riddance.

    Saw that building sit empty for three years and now it's a Jakes Burgers. Jakes is well known in Dallas for being the best burgers around.
  4. The Rawhide Kid

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    We don't have one where I live, but I've been to one several times. I love the place. My personal favorite is the one w/ all the Goat Cheese.
  5. Yeagermeister

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    I had eaten there a couple of time. The BBQ chicken pizza was pretty good.

    ROMOSAPIEN9 Proud Grandpa

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    Never had any "california" style pizza. I like the Italian style too much. :)
  7. AbeBeta

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    CPK is alright so long as you aren't craving Pizza per se.
  8. Yeagermeister

    Yeagermeister Active Member

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    I prefer the real thing also but when the boss is paying you go where he wants to go. :laugh2:
  9. PosterChild

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    I liked the joint when i was in the area, and didn't realize they were still in business.

    It's very difficult to make a long run in the rest. bidness in Addison. One of the mainstays over yonder is Houston's. Love them there ribs they got. In fact, I'll be dining there next week...can't freaking wait. It's true they are a little $$$$$$$ but it's worth it.

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