Cam Newton wouldn't 'open up' in interviews at the Combine, which concerns some team

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 2, 2011.

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    Cam Newton has his faults just like any other prospect coming to the NFL, but what some see in Newton as being arrogant, or cocky I just don't see it.

    He has all the tools as every poster knows here but the guy imo is coachable, and is like a sponge willing to learn all he can the question is though will all of that make him a NFL QB, that remains to be seen.

    I see him going in the top 10 in the first round based on talent alone but won't be surprised if he slips in the first round, or go into the early second again I think the guy is going to be okay.
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    I think he should have stayed in school. I agree he will go 1st rd but I think when you look at many of the top QB's in the league they stayed the extra year like Manning. If what you want is the quick money then enter the draft ahead of time but I find it funny that many fans get upset with guys who only care about the money and yet think leaving early is the right thing to do. In the short run it may be but most QB's need the time to develop and mature.
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    This guy is a 10 year old in a man's body.

    He's also a confirmed cheater and a thief.

    Not to mention a liar involved in the biggest college play for pay scandal since SMU. Anyone who believes he didn't know about his Dad selling his services is naive. I realize pay for play has little to do with his ability to be an NFL QB but we are talking about his character and the fact that the QB position is the most important position on the team.

    Sure, he's a great athlete, he's got a great smile and he has charisma but he's a classic con artist.

    Go ahead and give him millions of dollars and expect him to be mature and be the face of your franchise.

    I wouldn't touch him.
  4. Gaede

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    I don't like Newton at all. I really don't. I want to but he's just way too much of a project to take in the top half of the first round.
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    Can you explain why you believe this? Did you just read it somewhere? It sounds to me like it was made up.

    You state that is your opinion, but what is the basis for that opinion?

    Given how poor he was at the combine throwing, I would think that he either was not coached (which means he is an idiot) or didn't receive coaching well (which would disprove your claim).

    And the Auburn offense was literally like high school level passing game of "1 read then run." I would think if he was coachable and soaked stuff up, they could have run a more complex passing game.
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    :bow: thank you.
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    Cam Newton wins. He absolutely was a man among boys in the SEC, and you just don't see that much. He tilts the field when he steps on it. Physically, he's as impressive as it gets. He needs to some refinement, but what QB coming out of college doesn't?

    With Newton, I think he's worthy of a first round pick even if he doesn't pan out at QB. I mean, he could literally play anywhere on the field with his size and freak athletic ability. If you ignored the passing stats and just saw him as a runner, he'd probably be a first rounder at HB. He'd also be a tough match-up at WR.

    I see him going to Buffalo. They'll probably give him a small package of plays a week to start out, but by the end of the year he'll be getting starts and exciting the fan base. I think he'll be better than Vince Young, but he has that same winning quality that VY has/had. He'll make enough plays to keep his team in games that they probably shouldn't be in.

    Would love to have the luxury of having him sit a few years on our bench.
  8. ringmaster

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    Sure I can tell why I think he's coachable and wants to learn and the answer is: He doesn't have a choice being that he's going to be a top pick in the draft.

    I don't have to say anything else Cobra you just sumed it up for me keep it going.
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    I agree with that Dooms and that is why I applaud Andrew Luck so much.

    If Luck had come out this year we wouldn't even be having these posts about Cam Newton 24/7.
  10. ringmaster

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    I agree with this Dooms.
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    Well maybe someone will trade up to #9 for him.... ;)
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    - LAPTOP


    Can a thief be stolen?

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