News: Camp observations: Romo sharpens up

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Jul 27, 2013.

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    Also from Friday's activity:

    How good can Bruce Carter and Sean Lee be? Carter forced an early throw with pressure on a blitz and Lee forced a fumble on DeMarco Murray on the next play. The other starting linebacker, Justin Durant, knocked down a pass two plays later. Carter later knocked down a pass to the wide side of the field intended for receiver Dez Bryant, and Lee broke up a pass to Witten.

    With Miles Austin given a day of rest, Beasley saw action in the slot with the first team. He and Romo are developing nice chemistry. On the first situational drill, Beasley caught three of Romo’s four completions. He was able to get away from Lee, Orlando Scandrick and Morris Claiborne.

    Scandrick came up with a sack off the slot on what appeared to be an assignment bust. Scandrick has 6.5 career sacks; His season high was 2.5, which is a number he could surpass with the way Monte Kiffin likes to pressure.
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    Sure sounds like Beasley is in good position to make the team again.
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    Sounds good to me. Have Dez and Williams out wide with Beasley in the slot (this is once Miles is gone of course).
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    Watkins thinks so too. From his report:

    The young wide receivers: Terrance Williams is emerging and earning first-team snaps over Dwayne Harris. Cole Beasley is off to a good start as well. So counting Dez Bryant and Austin, we've got five receivers on the 53-man roster. What about Eric Rogers, Jared Greenand Anthony Armstrong? Whoever plays well on special teams could force the Cowboys hand to keep six receivers. Armstrong isn't eligible for practice squad but if the Cowboys can get Rogers and Green through waivers then maybe both of them can be retained for the unit.
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    For me Miles is a great #2 wr and do not wish him gone as long as he contributes to winning. Dez, Miles, Terrence, Harris, Beasley makes for a great and deep wr corps and as long as everybody is contributing then we are set here for years to come and concentrate on the trenches
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    Special teams?
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    Williams was drafted to be on the outside, so the fact that he's taking snaps ahead of Harris and Beasley is a non story. Those 2 are slot guys.
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    Appreciate you always putting these articles up. Thanks RS.
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    I took it to mean that, instead of having Austin on the outside, Dez on the outside and Harris or Beasley in the slot, the team preferred to have Dez on the outside, Williams on the outside, and Austin in the slot.

    They could do it either way and apparently they like Dez, Austin (slot) and Williams better than Dez, Austin and Harris/Beasley (slot).
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    I think I heard on the Cowboy Break radio show that Armstrong is like 30 years old - arena league vet? If that is true, they will go with the upside/youth of Rogers or Coale (might need to 6 week PUP that guy still to stash/hide him - but he also needs reps to develop.....). I do think WR is a position of depth on this team. Garrett was talking about Beasley's knack for getting open, and how teams even double teamed him a couple of times, which I thought was crazy since he hardly got any looks or field time towards end of year.....Beasley is the type of guy that can really help you, and a guy that if Oline continues to struggle like last year - he can get open QUICKER so Romo doesn't get killed or throw as many picks because of desperation or pressure. They need to use these types of guys a bit more, IMHO. Feel bad for Coale, but he just needs to get healthy and show something. Anyone else think we keep 6 WR's on opening roster this year?
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    What do you mean special teams? Are you saying something about Miles playing special teams?
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    I've been a big Beasley fan after watching him in camp last year. But this year I'd kind of become resigned to thinking it was better to invest in someone who's a bit less niche - like Coale, figuring Beasley wouldn't see much action anyway behind Dez, Miles, Williams & Harris. But maybe the coaches really like the weapon he can be in that single niche - quick as a cat but look out if someone gets a shot at him.
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    I'm a bit surprised he seems to be getting more looks in the slot then Harris
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    Harris is more than a slot guy.. the team has said as much already. They have no problem playing him on the outside. That said, they drafted T Will in the early rounds, so they'll give him every chance to emerge as a guy who can get some time in the offense this year.

    Beasley is going to be a beast in the slot if they give him time to continue to progress.. but you could tell even in his limited action last season that Tony felt very comfortable going to him.
  16. RoyTheHammer

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    I think he's saying if we keep 6 WR's, usually your last two or three would be ST contributors, but with the mix we are going to keep, he doesn't see guys who can play ST's. I think both Harris and T Will will be ST contributors though. Probably not Beasley, unless we put him on returns which doesn't seem likely.
  17. RoyTheHammer

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    Im not. Beasley is a pure slot guy.. quick, sneaky.. and catches anything he can get his hands on. Harris is a guy who can play the slot, but can also line up outside.
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    In the last 2 years the fan support for Miles has eroded very quickly. With us going back to back 8-8 with his non-stop hammy issues it's understandable. It appears we have a great young stable of WR's. This will put a tremendous amount of pressure on Miles to produce or he will be gone in no time with that contract.
  19. RoyTheHammer

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    Its really not understandable from a logical point of view.. but that's jmo.
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    I'm so torn because I like Harris a lot but Beasley can be one of those quick pain in the butt WR's like Welker that can be hard to account for. I have always felt that Miles is more of a slot WR and would excel there. I guess I would like to see Dez wide, Willams wide, and then Cole and Harris take turns spelling Miles at slot. If miles starts having hamstring issues or has a hard time getting open etc then he should lose the job to Harris or Beasley. Seems like Beasley is really finding favor in camp right now over Harris.

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