Camp pics & notes from am session

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chrissyboy, Jul 29, 2006.

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    Guys this is no way going to compete anywhere near what you will find elsewhere (eg Vela's blog!) etc... but my observations:

    1 very busy today. Much busier than last year (but I wasn't here for the same opening sessions last time)
    2 Couldn't see that much as a result - best positions taken
    3 Vandy looked fine on kickoffs when practicing at the end
    4 TO got the majority of the cheers all morning
    5 Drew Bledsoe looked fantastic as usual in the run through drills
    6 drew Henson's passes looked a little wobbly#
    7 Mroz looked hit and miss, while Romo looked like last year - v smooth
    8 Skyler Green had a fantastic attempt at a bomb from Mroz - a great pass though.
    9 Willie Pile(I think) caughta 1 handed catch during defense drills
    10 Demetrius Summers (I think - whoever was wearing #6) muffed a kickoff return.
    11 Flozell was slow jogging during the session with the trainers - he'll be fine, so no real worries.
    12 Anthony Henry still lokks enormous out there considering he is only 6'1. I said this last year too. Still amazes me.
    13 T Newman did v well when covering TO 1-1. have read elsehere and agree he looks in great shape - Pro Bowl anyone?
    14 BP seemed v quiet all afternoon, but i may have been too far away.
    15 TO caught one pass that would have gone all the way.
    16 T Glenn looked to be i good shape
    17 Greg Ellis just got on with his job, but didn't seem to be a leader like he has been fbefore
    18 Jerry sure does love the limelight - signing virtually anythiing shoved before him, constantly with that smile!
    19 the players seemed to get off the field awfully quickly at the end.


    Hope these are ok for starters. Hopefully will be able to update as and when. Hopefully will also have a better position as camp continues.

    take care.
  2. CrazyCowboy

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    Nice photos thank you!
  3. Clove

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    Excellent job. We can't have enough in person recaps from fans. Fantastic job..
  4. Alexander

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    I agree. It's always interesting to get their individual observations.

    Thank you for sharing Chrissyboy.
  5. DallasEast

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    Great, great job. Someone who understands that Owen <> Dallas Cowboys. Keep 'em coming. :)
  6. Screw The Hall

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    Thx for sharing man. These are the posts I've been waiting all offseason for. :)
  7. superpunk

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    Great job. Loved your notes.
  8. booker

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    Thanks for the insight and yes iam jealous:)
  9. 5Stars

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  10. bigdrulez3141

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    I love these posts, football's back!!
  11. Juke99

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    Thank you VERY much for the report and the photos.

  12. WilmingtonHeel

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    Tnx very, very much!
  13. Go Big D!

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    Good stuff!
  14. Chrissyboy

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    Guys, you're ALL very welcome.

    I don't profess to have any specific technical knowledge.... I'm just here living out something of a dream! I guess I'm just adding my observations to the list and somewhere in the middle of all the hot air there might be something that we fans see that is missed elsewhere.

    In any case, I'm having great fun being part of it!
  15. AsthmaField

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    Man! I love reports like this from members at camp! Thanks for the notes and the Pics, bro!

    We want MORE! Always MORE!
  16. Angus

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    Absolutely great!! Thank you. Thank you.
  17. arglebargle

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    Great Pics! Gave me a good feel for what the practice area is like. And it certainly shows the conditioning/weightroom work in the offseason has turned out well.
  18. kmd24

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    Nice observation about Vanderjagt. Thanks for the report! :bravo:
  19. TruBlueCowboy

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    Keep 'em coming! :starspin
  20. ATurkishSeaOtter

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    Amazing stuff. Thank you very much.

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