Can someone gimme a quick recap of what's been going on?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Joshmil53, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Same ole stuff, Jerry Jones is your Dallas Cowboys...while the Players, Coaches and Fans remain menial and insignificant.
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    I know there is a chicken little crowd on this board that thinks the sky is always falling. I know those guys probably have very little credibility with you (and many other posters, including me at times) and I understand why. However, I think there is also another side to the story.

    I am generally a guy who gives the organization credit in doing more things the right way more so than the average poster poster on this board. On a scale of 1 to 10 with a 1 being a compete skeptic that thinks the organization never does anything right, (ever) and a 10 being a blind homer, that spins every decision as the right move, (even when it clearly isn't), I would probably put myself at probably a 7 or maybe even an 8 at times.

    But I have to be honest, I really think that Jerry just needs to slow down on his propaganda machine so that he doesn't need to back track so much because it really makes the organization look like it is in total disarray and has no focus at all.

    Ironically, I think the Cowboys are actually getting a lot of things right under Garrett's tenure as coach, and Jerry's reign as GM. For example, our drafts have been much better and more consistent the past few years.

    But the organizations "spin" of inconsistent statements, inconsistent direction, and just sort of making up as they go along really turns people off.

    I actually like Jerry, and I think he has done a lot of things right. He isn't to blame for everything. But quite honestly, he really just needs to shut the up at times and be a lot more forthright with fans.

    Sometimes it gives a person a lot more credibility to just admit they really made a mistake than to justify every little thing. No one walks on water and I think the average Cowboys fan just wants Jerry to keep it real. Like I said before .... I actually like Jerry Jones (yes even Jerry Jones the GM) but the last year or two it seems like every time he says something it makes you say ?
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    Come work for the government.:D Also, home of the "screw up, move up."

    Just kidding.
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    I was in the Army. I already know! ;)
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    Jerry heard Jimmy.
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    Ok here it is:

    At Brooke's cabin, Brooke prepared the place for Bill and Katie's romantic evening. After Bill and Katie had arrived, Brooke suggested that they focus on each other and enjoy their time alone. Brooke promised to check in with the baby's nurse, and that eased Katie's fears. Brooke added that dinner was ready and in the kitchen.

    Brooke left, and Katie told Bill they could have had a romantic evening at home. Bill said it wouldn't have been the same. Bill and Katie snuggled, and Bill said that they needed a night away from Will. Katie agreed that Will was in capable hands, and they needed the time alone. Katie went to the kitchen to grab their dinner.

    While Katie was gone, Bill slugged down a glass of booze from the bar. Katie returned with dinner, and she promised that Bill would love it. Bill teased that Katie had called the nurse at home while she had been in the kitchen, and Katie admitted it. They hugged.

    Crisis one solved.

    Meanwhile, in Sami's apartment, she asked Will if he was ready to be a father or not. Feeling pressured, Will asked Sami to wait until he had spoken to Gabi about the baby. When Sami accused Gabi of having an agenda, Will rolled his eyes. Sami explained that Gabi had said that Will had pushed for the abortion. Sami urged Will to fight for his rights as a father, and she explained that she was worried that Will would get hurt if he backed off.

    As Will stared into the distance, Sami said that she was concerned that the full weight of the situation had not hit Will yet. Sami noted that because Will had not heard the baby's heartbeat or seen a sonogram that he did not know what he was giving up. Sami urged Will to speak to someone in the family before he made any decisions. Annoyed, Will noted that he did not want advice.

    When E.J. arrived at the apartment, Sami let out a small smile of relief. Sami gathered her things to leave for work. When Will said that Sami did not need to leave, she hugged her son and urged him to speak to E.J. After Sami left, Will asked E.J. for advice. E.J. asked Will if it was difficult to sit and do what Will believed to be the right thing. With a sigh, Will said that he did not believe he had done the right thing.

    That sort of thing.
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    Good post. Jerry and Jason have done some good things but Jones just needs to SHUT UP sometimes!
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    ...And the 'Realists' won, honestly without much of a battle from the Pro-Garretts.
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    This is just too funny!! And unfortunately it is actually an accurate reflection of the board posts for the past month :eek:


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    I dont know who posted the above and/or how much was changed? lol

    But I do agree. There were atleast 3 possible SB chances in there and Jerry ruined them all.

    When Jerry said that Jason was in charge(paraphrasing) when he became coach. He should have let Jason live and die with that. What he is doing now WILL NOT HELP.

    Its a mess!
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    Anyone know why we are switching to a 43?
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    Because we never Draft a 3/4 NT?
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    I'd say there are a number of reasons:

    1. They feel the 43 might be better suited against the read option that alot of teams are switching to, namely the Redskins.

    2. The Cowboys do not have a 34 DT, especially with the loss of Josh Brent and the likely release of Ratliff.

    3. What we do have, in terms of our front 7, may actually be better suited for the 43.
  15. nake

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    Thanks for the explanations. I just didn't see this coming.
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    Excellent Summary! Makes me want to go out and save a snow leopard.


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