Can the Draft fix the OLine?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by xwalker, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. xwalker

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    It seems that the best case would be to get 1 OLine starter from the draft.

    You could get 2 starters by using both a 1st and 2nd on OL, but I doubt that happens. Also, do you really want 2 rookies starting on the OL?

    LT - Tyron is set here, unless they use a top-10 pick on Joeckel. Even if they have a top-10 pick, I don't see them using it on an OT.

    LG - Livings is OK if surrounded by better players. Need a legit developmental backup that can push for the job in 2014.

    OC - Costa looked great in the 1 game sample, but he can't seem to stay healthy. Need legit competition here. Cook can't run block. Not sure about Kowalski's run blocking. Arkin looking doubtful.

    RG - Need an upgrade. Bernadeau might be a decent backup if he can play OC also. Several options in the draft (1st/2nd) and some options in FA.

    RT - Need an upgrade, but cutting Free is probably a big cap hit. Is Parnell a legit option? Doubtful to get a 2013 starter unless it's a 1st round pick. Is FA an option? Most 2013 FAs are LTs and will be Franchised.

    Plan A
    1st round - Pass Rusher (OLB or DE)
    2nd round OG/OC (Jonathan Cooper)
    Free Agent - RT

    Plan B
    1st round - Pass Rusher (OLB or DE)
    2nd round - OT (maybe Dallas Thomas)
    Free Agent - RG

    Plan C
    1st round - OT or OG (I don't have a great feeling on 1st round OTs expect Joeckel)
    2nd round - Pass Rusher or Safety
    Free Agent - OG or OT

    Plan D
    Is Parnell a legit option to replace Free?Plan Fail - Keep Free

    All Plans - Consider OC Khaled Holmes in the 3rd

    CBS top 10 OT
    1 *Luke Joeckel
    2 *Taylor Lewan
    3 Eric Fisher
    4 *Jake Matthews
    5 Brennan Williams
    6 Dallas Thomas
    7 *D.J. Fluker
    8 Oday Aboushi
    9 Rick Wagner
    10 Xavier Nixon

    note: Dallas Thomas currently plays OG and might be 3rd or 4th in the OG list

    CBS top 5 OG
    1 Chance Warmack
    2 Barrett Jones
    3 Jonathan Cooper
    4 Larry Warford
    5 *Gabe Jackson

    Free Agent OT
    (top 3 LTs are expected to be Franchised, Bushrod = ?)
    Jake Long – MIA
    Ryan Clady – DEN
    Brandon Albert – KC
    Jermon Bushrod – NO
    Sebastian Vollmer – NE
    Phil Loadholt – MIN
    Bryant McKinney – BAL
    Eben Britton – JAC
    Jeremy Bridges – ARI
    Will Svitek - ATL
    Cornell Green – BUF
    Jeff Otah - CAR
    Patrick Mannelly – CHI
    Frank Omiyale – CHI
    Chris Williams – CHI
    Tony Pashos – CLE
    Gosder Cherilus – DET
    Chad Clifton – GB
    Rashad Butler – HOU

    Free Agent OG
    Andy Levitre – BUF
    Brandon Moore – NYJ
    Matt Slauson – NYJ
    Antoine Caldwell – HOU
    Anthony Herrera – MIN
    Brian Waters – NE
    Evan Dietrich-Smith – GB
    Garrett Reynolds – ATL
    Lance Louis – CHI
    Louis Vasquez – SD
    Nate Garner – MIA
    Rex Hadnot – ARI
    Rich Ohrnberger – NE
    Ryan Lilja – KC
    Shawn Lauvao – CLE
    Tyronne Green – SD
  2. RS12

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    Plan A and B look most likely. We agree on Joeckel. Drafting a QB early or surprise like Te'o are wild cards. Basic problem with FA is normally you dont see quality FA O linemen in the street.
  3. Woods

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    I'd prefer in the Draft,

    Round 1 - pass rusher, whether it is a DL or LB is fine by me. Just get one more guy to get to the QB.

    Round 2 - OG/OT. A guy who is versatile enough to play either position.

    Round 3 - CB, because I doubt we re-sign Jenkins.

    And in FA,

    An OC/OG. Again, a guy who is versatile to play either position.

    Re-sign Spencer.

    Sign a solid back-up RB to complement Murray.

    And if JJ really wants to go for it, part ways with Coleman and Spears and upgrade via another DL.

    Get a better 3rd WR option.
  4. xwalker

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    There seems to be a couple of good OGs every year in FA, but quality OTs and OCs are rare.
  5. Chris in Arizona

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    I like Antoine Caldwell as a free agency option. He has shown he can run block in Houston and can play Center or either Guard spot.
  6. The Realist

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    I think fans will be disappointed with the way we address OL in the offseason.

    I draft 2 pass rushers in the first 3 rounds and for preferably both OLB's.

    One guy to take Spencers spot and another as backup WOLB but plays a lot on nickel pass rush.

    Good coaches find a way to get talented players on the field....and you can never have too many pass rushers.
  7. supercowboy8

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    Dallas Thomas is a OG, he played LT last year but moved inside this year and is a much better OG then OT. He is a natural LG in the NFL and I would love to have late first early second.

    I don't hate either option, just which ever gives us BPA at those positions at that point in time.
  8. RS12

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    Welp, realist to realist I could easily see that happening.
  9. jnday

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    I have said all along that the oline is not a priority for Jerry. It is an area that he wants to get by without spending many draft picks. I feel like there will be little change in next years line. Maybe a mid-tier free agent OG signing or a late round draft pick will be it. I think the line will continue to keep this team average.

    I expect an OLB in round one or a DE. You may see the first two rounds used for these positions. Two OLBs would be a stretch, but considering it is a strong year, it might be a good move. The Wilber pick this year is a waste to me. The pick could have been used better.

    I think the line could be fixed with the draft. I would love to see a quality young line drafted to grow and make a great unit. I just don't think Jerry is willing to do it. I took a look at some of my pet cat lineman from the last few years that went to other teams .Dallas could have had most of them and they would have been a big improvement without taking away from the draft hits the team has had. I ticks me off that the players have been there, but Dallas refuses to spend the picks on linemen. With the exception of Tyron, the line will continue to be a rag-tag bunch of no talented jags. The beatdowns suffered in the trenches are well deserved and I.hope Jerry enjoys it because he sure has asked for it.
  10. The Realist

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    Giants keep on drafting pass rushers when they already have a very good rush.

    We draft scrubs like Butler and Wilbur when we have a mediocre one.
  11. Mr_Bill

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    Perhaps Free does not need replacing, after all. He has shown improvement for the last two games.

    So, my plan would be an interior lineman in free agency. Also, a corner to replace Jenkins. A receiver might be possible here, too.

    In the draft, I like that pass-rushing option for the first round. In the second, I would go with another interior lineman. In the third, it would depend on free agency. In addition to the positions I mentioned there, we could use a free safety.

    Of the free-agency guards you mentioned. Moore (32), Herrera (32), Waters (35), Hadnot (30, and not starting this year), and Lilja (31) might be eliminated due to age. Of the others, neither Garner nor Ohrnberger have been starters. That leaves Levitre, Slauson, Caldwell, Dietrich-Smith, Reynolds, Louis, Vasquez, Lauvao, and Green as possibilities.

    Do you have any preferences among that last group? We should have a chance to watch Reynolds on Sunday. Of course, many of them will never reach free agency.
  12. Biggems

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    we have 6 picks as of right now.....that is without trades and any comp picks we may pick up.

    let's say we end up with only those 6 picks. I see no reason why we can't get a G/C and T in the draft, as well as a DT, DE, S, and LB.
  13. xwalker

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    I have not really "scouted" any of the FA OGs except Caldwell. Levitre is reported to be good. Slauson and Moore both played for Callahan.

    Caldwell, Slauson and Moore all have experience in the ZBS.

    Caldwell looks OK, but he's being phased out by Rookie Ben Jones. Jones was rotating in on some series until Caldwell got hurt. I'm not sure if it's because of performance or just because he a FA. I think Caldwell might have had some injury issues in the past.

    I don't think the Cowboys will sign a FA OG unless they're convinced that he's a significant upgrade over Bernadeau. They might look at a guy like Caldwell and think he's a little better, but not that much.

    If Free can play at least as good as he did against the Giants the remainder of the year, then they can probably get by with him next year. That would make it easier to focus on getting an OG upgrade either in FA and/or the draft with less worry about OT.

    I think the following could come in and immediately be an upgrade over Bernadeau:

    OG/OC Cooper 1st/2nd (can play center also)
    OG/OT Thomas 2nd (might be able to play OT in the NFL)
    OC/OG Holmes 2nd/3rd (can play center or guard)
  14. Risen Star

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    One draft can't fix this OL, just like one draft didn't ruin it.

    I hate tagging rounds with positions. I'm BPA always, but I would put priority on an OL when the value is similar.
  15. xwalker

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    I agree on not strictly tagging a position to a round.

    Trades are a method of (attempting) to match BPA to need, IMO.
  16. neosapien23

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  17. Mr_Bill

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    Thank you for your response. Much appreciated.

    My only comment would be that to get a player in free agency that would be a 'significant upgrade' over Bernadeau does not seem, to me, to be an unsurmountable task. I believe average would meet that requirement. :)
  18. VACowboy

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    Depends who's available. My preference would be Hankerson in round one, Cooper in round two and Travis Long in round three, but prolly none of them will be there in those rounds when we pick.

    I think Long is gonna be a very good pro pass rusher and I love Cooper's athleticism. Hankerson is just a beast. Reid, the LSU S, wouldn't be a bad pick in the second.
  19. Mr_Bill

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    One draft doesn't have to fix this OL, if it is also addressed in free agency.

    BPA vs. need is a whole 'nother issue. But, it seems to me that most teams (including the Cowboys) use your philosophy. The real problem comes when a team overreaches for need. Unfortunately, this does happen frequently, and yes, to the Cowboys.
  20. burmafrd

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    One problem with FA is we do not have a lot of cap space to play with especially with that blasted $5 million we still have to pay

    And we will re up Tony - that will almost certainly happen.

    So it is doubtful we can get a top quality OL.

    Just hope we don't go bargain basement like this year

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