Can we officially say Jason Witten is no good...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jamesdojr, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Maybe it's just me, I don't know because I am not in the film room, the meetings, or the huddle so I don't know what plays they are calling or how they're designed to actually go, but it just doesn't seem like they even attempt to use Witten in the Redzone.

    I don't try and key in on any one player during a game, and unfortunately I don't have the time to go back and watch the games over and over so I can watch just what each player does (Which btw is absolutely awesome that some have that kind of time on their hands and can), so maybe he's kept in blocking more down there? I don't know but it just doesn't seem like they try and feature him in the redzone much.
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    Miles messed up again yesterday on a route that could have been a TD.
    Ran right down the sideline beat the defender and never went into third gear to get under the ball. Pass was right there for him if he simply ran under it.

    I get the feeling Romo trusts no one but Witten these days.
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    Cmon man... read the post... you know that's not what I was trying to say... I know Jason Witten doesnt suck.. especially now thanks to your infinite wisdom.. my point was what is the problem with Witten and TDs. Since you know so much maybe you can explain why our best receiver has one TD. It's a headscratcher for me. It just is... I don't get it. Can't we create a way for him to get the ball in the endzone?


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    No... I just want to know why our best receiver has 1 TD this year after 10 games... Is it Romo? Is it Garrett? Is it Witten?


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    Yeah... Exactly my point. WHen they're in the redzone... the ball stops going his way completely. He's not even looked at in the redzone... And he's the best receiver we have. Speed is not necesary at the 10 yard line. Being crafty and knowing how to get open is...which is Witten's strength...


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    Austin has never had more than 4 red zone TD in any season. In fact, he's never finished a season higher than 3rd on the team in red zone TD receptions. Last year, Robinson and Bryant had more. The year before (with Kitna at QB), Witten and Bryant had more. The year before that, Williams and Crayton had more.
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    Same reason Bennett was never an option in the red zone.

    Same reason we don't use Dez in the red zone.

    Etc, etc.. playcalling sucks in that area of the field and we don't use guys to their strengths. Witten is great at doing exactly what you said. Using his body to shield defenders and secure the ball. Plus he has great chemistry with Tony. There's no reason we shouldn't look to him often in the red zone. Same with iso'ing Dez. We simply don't do it because JG is too busy trying to outthink himself. Hell Witten runs one route.. a 5-8 yard out every single game and no one can ever stop him.
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    To add to that: Witten needs space to operate. He's not a fast or quick-twitch guy. He's a guy who's great at setting up defenders in space and working into openings in the defense.

    There's just not a lot of room to do that when you get near the end zone. Defenders are closer and can close quicker on Witten in those situations.

    He was a third-round pick because of his lack of those kinds of assets, but scouts sure missed on the rest of the package.

    Now, if we could sell play-action when we get near the goal line, we could probably get him open for a few TDs. But since we don't use play-action and don't have the running game to sell it, instead we have to rely on Witten to try to find those openings against tighter coverage.
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    See post 15 - Goshan gave you the answer - you don't need to look any further
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    Witten is what he is. Tight Ends have changed now. Hanna should be used more.
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    Lol. I was going to post in this thread that, there was a time in training camp or during the first three weeks of the season where the 'in the red zone' part of the OPs first sentence would have been left off. And how humorous that would look at this point in the season. And here we have posters who actually still think this. I shouldn't be surprised by some of the opinions here, but somehow I still am. I suppose that's a good thing.

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