Can't bear to be silent anymore.

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by nathanlt, Jul 13, 2006.

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    :lmao2: :lmao:
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    Yay! Pics!

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    I am fine SCOOTER lol, but ur boy that started this thread may wanna look at paints last post here, pretty well sums it up :lmao:

    u got to know u have flubbed up when even all the mods are taking time to flame ur position on something:lmao2:
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    Well it is the off-season.

    Pretty soon we can get back to some serious name-calling and finger pointing... you know all the things that make football fun. :)
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    No offense Nathan, but GROW UP!
    You don't know TO, you've never talked to TO, you've never had lunch with TO, you have no clue of what type of person TO is, other than manufactured controversy, he gives to the media.

    If you are this weak to let your life revolve around people you don't know, then you're on the short end of the stick in life.


    Repeat after me, THIS IS A GAME!!!!!

    If anything, we can all learn a thing or 2 about how to make money from TO, because he's a genius at it. He knows that controversy sells. He knows that saying what's on your mind and being the bad guy, sells more than the upstanding good guy who never complains.

    Don't let your life be swallowed up by media entertainment. You watch him play, and root for him to score touchdowns. You don't invite the guy to your church picnic. All you have to do is root for him to score touch downs and enjoy the entertainment. That's all he is and should be to any of you cry babies out there.

    If a guy wants to do drugs and kill himself, or talk trash in the media or showboat, who freaking cares? I don't have to live with him.. He's using us, and we're using him for entertainment that's all. So stop whinning and just enjoy the show. "Get ya popcorn ready"
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    You mean the NFL isn't the same as it was 30-years ago? Wow, what a newsflash. Have fun watching the MLS, I'm sure the NFL and its billions of dollars is really going to miss you. Did you also used to walk 20 miles to school in the snow? Get a grip for Christ sakes. Or better yet, go get laid. It sounds like you are overdue.
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    A couple random thoughts:

    There were a dedicated few that were beyond put out when it was rumored TO was headed to Dallas and when he actually came here. They ranted. They raved. They made threats about burning gear and not watching the games. When they realized nobody really cared they finally shut up and in all likelihood burned no gear and will watch all the games. I chalk that up to guys that have a propensity towards being drama queens and the whole media obsession with TO massively overblowing the kind of player/team disputes that happen from time to time with other players and if the player isn't high enough profile everyone basically yawns, including the media.

    This guy Nathan is the latest to cry wolf about what he'll do now that the "desecrater of the star" is on the team. Wonderful. One small favor Nate? Don't tell us, just do it, just throw out your TV and move into a cave until TO is gone. We'll try to adjust to losing your point of view. Inman Roshi did a good job of summarizing how many of us feel about the "star" incident. The rest? We'll wait and see and hope Dallas wins the Super Bowl, sideshows notwithstanding.
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    well said. we're loyal fans here.
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    Okay... that's funny!
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    To Nathan, and others of similar thought on this issue,

    I commend you on your loyalty and values. I truly do. I love the fact that you care about this issue enough that you are considering disassociating yourself from something that has been a passion for 27 years. I admire your resolve. But I would ask you to consider, really, what the most productive course of action would be at this point?

    With TO on board is there truly nothing of value left in this organization? I doubt it. Aren't there other players on this team that you have tremendous respect for that you could feel good about supporting and associating yourself with? Does the entirety of something have to be pure to be worth our engaging with it?

    If you have children or other loved ones who end up straying from values you personally hold dear, will you similarly disown them? Perhaps you've even experienced that. I don't mean to suggest those circumstances are easy. They can be gut-wrenching. But what action on your part would bring a more productive end?

    As fan's of this organization we now have a better than ever chance to model what we believe appropriate behavior/values are to TO. He is now firmly inside our sphere of influence - not an outsider enemy. What better time to draw near, not flee in disgust. I know suggesting you or I can influence TO is ludicrous as we have no real contact but perhaps you see the principle I'm driving at.

    TO as a person, needs people who will help him change for the better not judge and disown him. He's no different than any of us in that regard. And while I suppose in some rare cases, being disowned is what brings about change in people, I think the general rule is that love, acceptance & modeling is far more effective even there are no guarantees of positive change.

    I know this post may strike some as "really out there" or "wake-up its just a game" but I truly believe there are very few exercises in life that don't have underpinnings or influence that are very much tied to real life and the development of who we are or trying to become.

    You can embrace TO, without condoning his behavior. Especially since it was Jerry who signed him and not you.
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    LOL nice :laugh1:
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    I have a simple rule of thumb for players.

    a) if they're on the Cowboys I like them.

    b) if they're not on the Cowboys I don't.

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    Are you referring to the aplogists here or the apologists on the tem, including Jerry Jones, Bill Parcells and most players on the roster, including Drew Bledsoe, Jason Witten, etc...?

    I guess if anyone has a problem with fans inviting TO into the franchise then they sohlud likewise have the same problem with the owner, coach and players on the team who have done the same. And in that case, why be a fam of the team at all? An argument can be made that if you don't approve TO then you should stop being a Cowboys fam alltogether.

    Just to clarify, that's not me making that argument; then agaain i'm a TO apologist. :lmao2:

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    Agreed! That trophy is a FIX all....
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    Ahhh no - the thread its never a waste of time - that's the whole thing voicing an opinion, right or wrong, anyway we know he is still a Cowboy fan in the end.
    I like the move to get TO but not to fussed on liking him, but winning a championship - well forgivness is a virtue I aspire too!!!!!!!
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    I like that rule - I like it simple - I like just being a Cowboy Fan ...
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    Preach on, my brother!

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