Can't even rule out loss to Detroit anymore

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wood, Dec 25, 2006.

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    where has this team gone?

    What happend to bradie James talking a tough game? This guy is playing like the guy who rode the pine for few years. Now that he got his payday...he has disappeared. Coward.

    What happend Roy Williams being a catalytic player. This guy not only gets beat in coverage these days...he take horrific angles on blitz and routinely gets simply pushed out of the play. Certainly a hard hitter...he has to be the most un-intelligent players I have ever witnessed. Bad angles, poor timing, liability in coverage = overrated. Another coward.

    Where is the interior defensive lineman pressure? I see NE, Balt. and Pitts getting quality push up the gut.

    Kyle Kosier and Rivera can not play together on same line. This is fact. If Parcells cant see this by now......then walk away sooner rather than later. Both of these players epitomize the Dallas offensive line....soft with periods of getting completely dominated by physical defenses.
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    Even if we were 15-0 you can't rule out a loss. It is the NFL...

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