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    Just look at those 3 games. Seattle should have been a win and Denver was real close to being one too. We rolled with 3 out of 4 of the teams who went into the conference championship games. This might give everyone an idea as to how close this team really is.

    Not to mention Seattle used our blue print for beating Carolina and Steve Smith, and Pittsburgh will most definately be watching what we did against Seattle earlier in the year.

    For all the people that trully feel Zimmer is unfit to run this defense, I'd like to here what excuse you have now, that probably the most important game film Seattle had on Carolina(quite an explosive offense), and Pittsburgh has on Seattle(as far as I know, the most potent offense in the NFL this year) comes from watching what WE did against them. Please, Wolverine, anyone else, feel free to bash Zimmer right here.

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