Carter in wrong position in this scheme

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by supercowboy8, Oct 3, 2013.

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    I don't believe he's a bust by any means. He just needs to understand the system and his execution will flow more smoothly.
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    Correct me, and I may really be mistaken, but wasn't Carter on Woodhead on that one TD where the ball was perfectly thrown? I mean, Carter was all over Woodhead but the ball was placed perfectly. You can't blame Carter for that.....
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    What Carter said " “I’ve just got to stay on top. Woodhead got out – he ran a great route, and the ball was placed perfectly,” Carter said. “It was a great throw and catch, but I’ve got to stay on top.”

    I don't think he feels he was in the proper position but I don't think that one play caused the so called benching. Reason I say so called is because I still expect to see Carter on the field during this up coming game. Whatever issues he has had he will get a chance to redeem himself. I expect to see a highly motivated Carter this weekend.
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    Patience....We have one of the best, most experienced, most qualified coaching staffs on the planet, if we finish strong and the enthusiasm can be carried over to next year then just maybe......................Oh yea I forgot our G.M. was still here:rolleyes: An aneurysm<the job of our G.M.
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    I'm not trying to pile on the guy, but even he admits that he had a very bad game. In Carter's own words:
    "I just wasn’t focused. I didn’t come out with a lot of spark. That’s just something I have to learn from."

    “I was just all over the place, and I kind of didn’t read my keys like I should have, and I didn’t zone in and focus,” Carter said.
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    I hope he does after all those coaching years he's been through. Carter was an every down backer in college for a reason. Needs to be put in the best position in order for him to be great on this level.
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    Well hopefully he got his lousy game out of his system & will play all world Sunday.

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