Casino Royale

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Aikmaniac, Nov 28, 2006.

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    Saw this last night. Was ho-hum about seeing this Daniel Craig guy as Bond seeing as he's totally opposite to how I've grown up with Bond.

    Let me just say that my preconceived negative notions are out the window. This guy kicked major ***!

    I thought the movie was one of the best Bond flicks in my era. I could take or leave Brosnan as Bond. Roger Moore was always my favorite but I know Connery is the most popular but you guys and gals need to give this one a peek.

    Very good.
  2. Crown Royal

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    This was, without any doubt, the best Bond movie I have ever seen.
  3. rynochop

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    Damn, i've got to go see it. I've seen tons of reviews like this...not Siskel & Ebert, but word of mouth reviews.

    Roger Moore was my favorite too, I liked Bronson too, but the movies themselves were just ok, i thought.
  4. the kid 05

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    Am i the only one who didn't like Pierce Bronson? or how ever his name is spelt
  5. calico

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    I have seen Casino Royale 3 times now (once planned and twice invited) and the movie gets better with each viewing.

    Best Bond movie in 35 years.

    Roger Moore was also my favorite for various reason while I thought Connery was the best. Craig is right up there.
  6. ChldsPlay

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    Didn't like it as much as I hoped. While it's definately better than all of Brosnan's attempts, it did have it's flaws, particularly towards the end. The movie built momentum up very well leading up to the 'chair cut-out' scene, but then came to a complete grinding halt. And then it dragged on for a bit, until the predictable conclusion.

    The action was quite good, a lot more grittier, in your face, and more personal. A lot more hand to hand than gunplay, which is good. The beginning was the best part, and my wife especially loved it as she is a fan of free running, and knows a bit about the man who played the bomb maker.

    Other things that were good, were that they didn't make Bond seem too perfect. He made mistakes, got burned being too cocky, and he was vulnerable. I also like that they didn't have any of the fancy gadgets and special cars with wonderful toys built in. It seemed much more realistic.

    One thing about the plot I didn't quite understand, and maybe it's because I'm not into the stock market much, but how is one supposed to make a lot of money on stock when you know a stock is going to fall? I thought knowing one was going to go up was how you made the money? I know knowing when it would fall would be helpful if you already owned the stock, but that didn't seem to be the case here. Maybe I just missed something. Oh well.

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